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OwnCloud is the safest, simplest, and most secure way to share your files across your whole business or large scale collaboration. It's safe with unlimited file size, no bandwidth caps, and encrypted data transfers. With no one in charge of who has access to what, ownCloud can protect your sensitive data while also making it available for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes ownCloud different?

You can examine if there are any backdoors in ownCloud because it is open source. Unlike other rivals, ownCloud avoids feature creep, allowing it to cover the whole offering properly. Extra functionality is added to ownCloud via API interaction with other mature open-source software projects.

What is ownCloud?

ownCloud allows you to share and sync data while also keeping it safe across all platforms with its online cloud storage service. It manages and monitors access while also facilitating communication across devices, teams, and countries. Without the danger of data loss, theft, or violation of privacy laws.

Does ownCloud have a mobile app?

Yes, ownCloud has an Android app. The Android app allows users to view and share their files and folders on their mobile devices in a secure and convenient manner. Different accounts for users of multiple ownClouds cloud storage online are supported, as are document provider interfaces with Android and a variety of security features such as passcode lock, pattern lock, and fingerprint lock.

Can ownCloud be used for collaborations?

ownCloud also facilitates cross-organizational cooperation by allowing users to share particular files and folders with other private cloud users via federated cloud sharing. Browser-based office suites such as Collabora, ONLYOFFICE, and Microsoft Office Online Server allow users to collaborate safely and effectively. They connect easily with ownCloud, ensuring that data is saved and processed on your company's servers.

What is ownCloud secure view?

To avoid misuse, the Secure View function allows users to transmit private documents while limiting the options accessible to recipients. It's made possible thanks to ownCloud's connection with Collabora. Users can impose restrictions on files and folders, such as restricting copying, downloading, and editing, if this feature is enabled.

Does ownCloud implement a limit on file sizes?

Because of its architecture, users may store and distribute files of any size using ownCloud. Since version 2.7 of the Desktop App, ownCloud can manage files of up to 8 Exabytes, which is an 8 followed by 18 zeros. Local constraints such as user quotas, server settings, and browser and other software's maximum file size support may still apply.

How does ownCloud protect my files from ransomware?

Through a two-step strategy, the Ransomware Protection App enables companies to combat one of the most obnoxious and damaging forms of ransomware. It protects data by preventing sync uploads from clients that have been identified as malicious. This feature comes with the online cloud storage free of charge for Enterprise Edition users.

Can ownCloud secure my files with encryption?

ownCloud cloud online storage assists businesses in safeguarding their data. There are three layers of encryption in the comprehensive encryption architecture: in transit, at rest, and end-to-end. As an optional subscription to the Enterprise version, ownCloud offers an End-to-End-Encryption Plugin for the greatest degree of data security.

What is the ownCloud virtual file system and how does it work?

When you enable the virtual file system, your ownCloud Desktop Client only transmits files to your hard drive when they are used. They just exist locally as placeholders till then. They may, however, be shared straight from the file manager and accessed like normal files; they will only take a little longer to open because the content must first be downloaded.

Can ownCloud scan my files for viruses?

Yes. The cloud online storage comes with an Anti-Virus App that ensures files are checked before being uploaded, preventing viruses, trojans, and other harmful code from infecting them. ClamAV, an open-source antivirus program that is standard issue in email gateways all across the internet, is used by default as a scanning engine.

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