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Nextcloud is a client-server software suite that allows you to create and use file hosting services. Apps for accessing and sharing files, calendars, contacts, and other information are included in the package. Nextcloud is open source software that is available for free. Anyone with their own private server device can install and run it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Nextcloud different?

Nextcloud, as an on-premises solution provider for online cloud storage, gives customers complete control over their data in the most literal sense. Rather than floating out in the cloud, your data is stored in your data center, on a server that you govern. This gives anyone but you access to your own data unlike other cloud services.

What is Nextcloud?

Nextcloud Hub is a totally on-premises solution that gives you the benefits of online collaboration without the dangers of compliance and security. Without data breaches, share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar, and hold video conversations.

Is Nextcloud compliant with privacy laws?

Self-hosting is the quickest and most convenient option to comply with a wide range of regulations. The free online cloud storage solution requires no contracts with other organizations or expensive audit processes if data is kept on your company's servers. You must still adhere to security and compliance regulations that require you to take adequate security precautions.

Can I use Nextcloud for educational purposes?

Yes. The Nextcloud Education Edition is a collection of roughly a dozen Nextcloud apps that can be installed quickly and easily using the Nextcloud interface. The apps were created in partnership with educational research institutions and software manufacturers to cater to the educational market, making it one of the best online cloud storage solutions for students.

Does Nextcloud have a desktop and mobile client?

Yes. You may sync your data between your Nextcloud cloud storage online and your desktop using the Windows, macOS, or Linux apps. Nextcloud for mobile devices is also available for Android and iOS. The applications let you access, sync, and upload your data, and they include features like quick photo and video upload, upload management, and more.

What is Nextcloud enterprise?

Instead of home users, Nextcloud Enterprise is pre-configured and designed for large-scale production at businesses. Nextcloud Enterprise receives additional quality assurance and has a longer life cycle to ensure the greatest level of reliability for your data inside the cloud online storage.

Does Nextcloud have a limit on file sizes?

Apart from the capacity of your file storage system, Nextcloud has no limitations. Regardless of the size of the file, the number of copies you have, or the number of people you share it with, Nextcloud is able to deliver files required by users immediately.

Where does Nextcloud store my files?

Fully self-hosted, which means you have complete control over your data. Your existing storage, security, and privacy rules may all be used by Nextcloud. Nextcloud also respects your data privacy as there are no vendor lock-ins or tracking systems in place. This gives you full access and responsibility for your data and where you store it.

What steps does Nextcloud take to protect my data?

To guarantee that legal and privacy laws are followed at all times, first-class security procedures, significant security hardening measures, and File Access Control are in place. Nextcloud has integrated logging, two-factor authentication, and password policy management that is NIST compliant.

Can I share my files using Nextcloud?

You may share files with other users on your server, create and distribute password-protected public links, let people upload files to your cloud, and receive notifications on your phone and PC when a user on another cloud server shares files directly with you using the simple web interface. All of this is also possible using the desktop or mobile clients.

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