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MultCloud is a cloud management service. It allows you to manage your accounts/sub-accounts with different cloud providers from one place and with a single command. You can view, edit and remove your resources and also suspend and enable them as per the requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes MultCloud different?

MultCloud is a management tool that allows you to move, copy, and manage data in various cloud storage systems and services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. Managing numerous storage systems may be as time-consuming as performing several log-ins for file access.

What is MultCloud?

MultCloud, as the name suggests, is a multi-cloud storage manager. It allows you to manage and execute cloud-to-cloud transfer and sync with your chosen cloud storage providers using a single software, which is also known as cloud-to-cloud management. It allows you to better manage and control your cloud storage services.

Is MultCloud a free service?

Yes. MultCloud offers both a free and a premium edition. MultCloud provides 30GB of data traffic per month for free users to transfer files from one cloud to another. If you want to try out additional services and obtain more data traffic each month, you may upgrade to the premium plan.

Is MultCloud a service for cloud storage?

No, because of MultCloud functions as a cloud management channel with no storage space. If the user has several clouds, the user may use MultCloud to manage and move data from one cloud to another as long as there is adequate free space on the user’s target cloud.

Is it safe to use MultCloud?

MultCloud employs three ways to safeguard a user’s account and data:

1. Data communication is encrypted using 256-bit AES.

2. MultCloud's authorization mechanism is built on OAuth, which is a standard authorization framework that allows third-party apps to connect to cloud services without requiring a login and password.

3. None of your data or files will be kept on the MultCloud server. They will remain on the original cloud disks. MultCloud can only access your cloud drive account if you grant it permission.

Are there any difference between cloud transfer and cloud sync in MultCloud?

In MultCloud, the cloud transfer copies the whole source folder to the destination, whereas the cloud sync task just copies files/folders within the source folder to the destination. Furthermore, the Cloud Sync functionality allows other sync methods.

Will the transfer/sync feature of MultCloud delete all source data?

MultCloud merely replicates data from the source cloud drive to the target cloud drive for the transfer task. However, if you tick the option "Delete all source files when the transfer is complete" under Options, the source data will be deleted after the transfer is complete. The source data will not be deleted if you use another sync method.

Are data in MultCloud secure?

When your files are in transit, MultCloud encrypts them. There is also the option to password-protect your cloud storage data. MultCloud isn't as secure as it might be due to the lack of two-factor authentication, but it's still a safe software that pledges not to gather your data or cloud drive account credentials.

Do you need to be online during the process of transfer in MultCloud?

The transfer procedure takes place on MultCloud's server, thus data is continuously being sent even when your device is turned off. Because it is offline cloud sync or transfer, you may simply close your browser or computer after starting data transmission and leave the rest to MultCloud.

Is it possible to schedule transfers in MultCloud?

MultCloud, a cloud-based file transfer manager, allows users to plan automated file transfers from one cloud storage to another at regular or irregular intervals. As a result, you may utilize automated operations to "backup" data between clouds. You will receive an email notification once the transmission is complete.

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