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JioCloud is the best online cloud storage because it is the easiest way to store and share your digital content online. Whether you want to back up your important documents, access them from anywhere, or share with family and friends, JioCloud gives you all of that at no additional cost. You'll even be able to download data on the go.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes JioCloud different?

Automatic backup of your phone's information, including pictures, movies, music, documents, and messages, is one of JioCloud's unique features. Uploading material is as simple as clicking a button. Cloud Contacts/Address Book Sync with Merge and Restore Options You have the freedom to choose what to backup, and when to backup.

What is JioCloud?

JioCloud is a safe and secure cloud storage service provided by Jio to all Jio customers, with free online cloud storage when you join up. It allows you to easily back up your device's data. The data may also be synchronized across many devices under one account and simply shared within your circle, whether professional or personal.

Which devices are compatible with JioCloud?

JioCloud’s cloud online storage is compatible with Jio STB and JioPhone, as well as mobile, desktop, and online platforms. JioCloud is compatible with Android 4.4.2 and above, iOS 9.0 and higher, Windows 7 and higher, and Mac OS X. (10.12 and above). JioCloud is also compatible with the most recent versions of the majority of browsers.

What is the storage limit for my JioCloud account?

You have two options when logging in on JioCloud, first is using JioSim or Jim ID which nets the user a 5GB storage on JioCloud. The second option is to login using your Google account or Facebook which will then give you a 2GB storage. Through the Referral program, you may earn an additional 50 GB of JioCloud storage.

When does backup start for the material I've chosen in the settings?

JioCloud’s online cloud storage automatically backs up your material as soon as it arrives on your device. If you activate contacts backup, for example, when a new contact is created or an existing contact is changed, it will be backed up in JioCloud. Similarly, if you have a backup of pictures, it will backup as soon as you take a new shot.

What is JioCloud's background uploading function and how does it work?

By enabling background uploading on the iOS app's settings page, JioCloud will be able to back up your data even while the app is closed, utilizing changes in location to initiate the backup. JioCloud requires access to your device's location in order for this functionality to function. JioCloud does not keep track of your location.

What level of security does JioCloud provide for my data?

The cloud online storage of JioCloud offers a number of features that keep your data safe. Any access to JioCloud data and information is securely verified. JioCloud shows all devices where your account is presently logged in to guarantee complete privacy. The JioCloud app also has an app lock function. It is possible to activate it in order to prevent unwanted access.

Why do all of my pictures seem to be mixed up in the 'photos' section of my files?

Please keep in mind that your files are saved in the order in which you placed them in various directories. The 'My Files' page, on the other hand, includes categories for Photos, Videos, Audio, Documents, and Offline Files, which are just file type filters. Go to the 'All files' area of the 'My Files' page to see your folders.

How can I permanently remove a file from JioCloud?

A file removed from your mobile app, JioCloud website, or your desktop JioCloud folder gets transferred to app trash. Follow the procedures below to permanently remove the file:

Step 1:

Go to 'Settings' -> 'View Trash select 'My Files' to select files from my files section or 'Boards' to see deleted files from the board. You can either select files or select all to delete.

Step 2:

Select the items you want to delete and click on 'Delete' or 'Delete All Forever'.

Is there a limit on how many files may be downloaded via a public share link?

Yes, in order to prevent abuse of the service and to provide equitable access to all of our users, we set a daily download restriction of 10 GB for any file shared via a public share link (s). (A file larger than 10 GB may only be downloaded once per day.) In a typical use scenario, we think that this restriction is more than enough.

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