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Degoo provides a secure online storage platform to give you and your friends and business partners an alternative to traditional file sharing methods. It offers an easy-to-use interface for uploading, sharing, and collaborating on files with friends and business partners. No need for fumbling around your computer's file system or connecting to a file server. Degoo also offers a data protection system that protects the privacy of all uploaded content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Degoo different?

Degoo is the best secure online cloud storage that gives up to 100 GB free, compared to other cloud storage providers. You may choose to backup as many folders as you like using Degoo, and you are not forced to utilize a certain folder for your backup. You don't have to be concerned about bugs or data damage due to synchronization.

What is Degoo?

Degoo is a free online cloud storage platform that allows users to upload, share, and collaborate on files with friends and business partners. Degoo also offers an encrypted data protection system that secures the privacy of all uploaded content. Free users are given 100 GB of storage and is expandable by referring users or upgrading your account.

How secure are my files with Degoo?

Degoo emphasizes on security. To keep your files safe, the online cloud storage employs a variety of methods such as using 256-bit AES encryption to save your file data. To transfer data between you and the servers, all server communication is secured using an SSL/TLS secure tunnel. Before saving any passwords, PBKDF2 and then HMAC512 with a hidden "pepper" key is used to further secure them.

What is Degoo’s top secret storage?

The top-secret function in Degoo’s cloud online storage is a means of ensuring that no one other than you has access to your submitted files. The top-secret function is made up of two parts: zero-knowledge file encryption and cross-continent storage replication. To guarantee utmost security, you pick a pass that is only known by you and is not kept elsewhere on Degoo.

How can I access Degoo from my devices?

A desktop app to access the cloud storage online is no longer available. Degoo has a web application that works on any operating system, including Ubuntu and other Linux variants. For mobile devices, you may access your files on Degoo using Android or iOS. Simply install the app by going to Google Play Store or Apple AppStore to download the latest version.

How can I get more storage space in Degoo?

When you initially install Degoo, you are provided with 100 GB of free backup space. You may earn a lot more space by assisting your friends in obtaining free backup. You may obtain up to 2000 GB of backup space with our Premium membership, including any extra space you've earned.

What is turbo mode?

You might try activating Turbo mode in the Windows app if there is a significant gap between Degoo's estimate and the computed time. It allows the app to use more processing power to compress and encrypt your data faster, which speeds up uploads. Simply change "Normal mode" to "Turbo mode" in the settings page to enable Turbo mode.

Is Degoo using peer-to-peer storage?

No. Degoo used to utilize P2P storage. However, Degoo is now able to compress all of the files by a staggering amount. As a result, it can store all of your files in their secure data centers while incurring minimum infrastructure expenses. Therefore, Degoo has eliminated the need to share any hard drive space.

How long does Degoo store my files?

For users availing the 100 GB free online cloud storage, Degoo stores your files securely in their servers indefinitely, as long as the user is active. Degoo will clear your files if you are inactive for 365 days straight. This account inactivity policy does not apply to Pro and Ultimate plans.

What is included with Degoo’s paid plans?

Pro users are able to access Degoo on up to 10 devices, while unlimited for Ultimate users. 500 GB of cloud storage space is given to Pro users and 1000 GB for Ultimate. Paid plans come with zero knowledge encryption and contain no ads. The Photo storage maximizer feature is also available for Ultimate users.

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