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Box allows you to back up your computer, smartphone, or tablet automatically to the cloud. No more worrying about where you might end up if something happens to your hardware! Box backs up all of your files automatically. Multiple devices can be backed up at the same time. Box's cloud storage ensures that you have an online backup at all times and that you can access your data from anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Box different?

Box has enterprise-grade security, including document encryption in transit and at rest. Admins managing the cloud online storage may set the company's files and folders at a granular level using the Admin Console, which includes categories, sharing options, and access restrictions.

What is Box?

Box's online cloud storage ensures that you have an online backup at all times and that you can access your data from anywhere. Box's cloud drive works with almost any file format, allowing several users to collaborate without fear of losing track of changes. Box gives colleagues, workers, and external partners instant access to files from any device, allowing them to be productive from anywhere.

Can I use Box to collaborate with my team members?

Yes. You may upload files and folders and utilize shared links to collaborate on them with individuals inside and outside your company in real time. With Box cloud online storage, you can additionally restrict permissions by user and even provide view-only access by locking a file from modifications. Box automatically preserves previous versions in case you need to go back.

Can I choose to store my files in-country?

Yes. In order to address regional and country-specific data privacy issues, Box complies with residency requirements across several geographies in North America, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia. You may pick your in-region file storage with Box Zones and enjoy consistent data protection, encryption, and privacy adherence no matter where your data is stored.

Does Box support integrations with third-party apps?

Yes. You can access and work with material across Microsoft Office 365, Okta, GSuite, and every other program you need to run your business with over 1,400 Box app connectors. Working with app integrations is also safe and secure because to Box's cloud storage online enterprise-grade security, governance, and compliance.

How can I prevent data leakage with Box?

Box minimizes data leaks and gives you more control over how you share files online. You can make use of seven permission levels and the ability to adjust folder and file permissions. Set link controls such as "people with the link," "people in your business," or "invited persons only" on shared files, and enable optional password security.

With whom may I share my files and folders over Box?

Box allows you to exchange files and folders with both internal and external collaborators, vendors, and suppliers. Box provides granular file sharing permissions to maintain the security of your material, allowing you to choose the appropriate shared link settings based on the person or team with whom you're sharing the content.

How do I use Box to send large files?

Even if they don't have a Box account, Box makes it simple to transfer big files of any sort to anyone. Simply create a shared link for that file and share it straight from Box’s online storage cloud or copy the URL to send it via email, chat, or any other messaging platform they use.

Does Box enforce a file size limit?

Depending on your account type, the maximum file size restriction for uploads to Box ranges from 250 MB to 32 GB. The limits per account type are as follows: Free personal—250 MB, Starter—2 GB, Business—5 GB, Business Plus—15 GB, Enterprise (incl. Digital Suites)—50 GB, Enterprise Plus—150 GB.

What is Box drive?

Box Disk is an amazingly easy method to work with all of your files directly from your desktop, without taking up valuable hard drive space. Find any file you need in a familiar disk interface, edit it like any other local file, and save it to the cloud instantly. All changes you make will be immediately saved to Box with cloud backup - even if you're editing offline.

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