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iCloud the cloud online storage is a service provided by Apple Inc. iCloud stores the data in your iOS devices, Macs, and Windows PCs. You can store documents, photos, videos, music etc. on the iCloud server and retrieve them from anywhere at any time.

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User Account Access

Single-User, Multi-User

File Transfers



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10 GB

iOS Mobile App

Windows Desktop App

Mac Desktop App

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Browser Extension

Free Storage

Cloud File Manager

Webpage Access

Drag-and-drop Syncing

Link Sharing

Multi-User Account Access

Set Expiry Dates for Shared Files

Set User Storage Quota

Full Disk Backups


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes iCloud different?

iCloud drive free online cloud storage is primarily concerned with Apple devices, although it may also be used in a web browser and on non-Apple-designed PCs. iCloud Drive is Apple's overarching cloud service iCloud's folder-syncing component. Files are immediately synchronized to all devices associated with your account.

What is iCloud?

iCloud online cloud storage offers a safe, online platform for document and data storage that can be accessed from any device at any time. iCloud allows you to access rich material from all of your mobile devices, including TV programs, music, photographs, applications, books, and movies.

What is iCloud+?

iCloud+ adds even more excellent features to everything you love about iCloud. When you sign up for iCloud+, you'll have access to Private Relay, Hide My Email, enhanced HomeKit Secure Video compatibility, and a variety of storage options for your pictures, files, and other data.

How to Make Use of iCloud for Documents?

When you use an iCloud account to create or modify documents in compatible applications, the document is synced to any devices that are also running those programs. This function is available in Apple's Pages, Keynote, and Numbers applications. It is possible for third-party developers to incorporate it into their programs.

How does iCloud work?

Users must have an Apple ID Account and a compatible computer or iOS device to access iCloud. When you add or update data in iCloud-enabled apps, the data is automatically uploaded to the user's iCloud account and then downloaded to the user's additional iCloud-enabled devices.

How to use iCloud for Email, Calendars, and Contacts?

Calendar entries and address book contacts are synced with the iCloud account and any devices that support it. Because iCloud replaces Apple's prior MobileMe service, it includes many of the same web-based apps. Web versions of email, contact book, and calendar applications are always up to date with data you save to iCloud.

How to use iCloud with iTunes or Music?

When it comes to music, iCloud customers may have freshly purchased tracks instantly synced to their connected devices. To begin, when you buy music from the iTunes Store, it is downloaded to the device you purchased it on. When the download is finished, the music is synced to all other devices that use the iTunes account through iCloud.

How to use iCloud with new devices?

There is no need for online backup vs cloud storage in iCloud because it does both. Users may quickly download suitable files to new devices as part of the setup procedure since iCloud can save a backup of all compatible files. You can transfer an app you've previously purchased on your iPhone to an iPad, and you can even install it on a new iPhone if you replace your existing device.

How does iCloud protect personal email?

Instantly generate unique, random email addresses that forward to your personal inbox and even allow you to reply, eliminating the need to disclose your real email address when filling out a web form. You may establish as many addresses as you need and disable them at any moment, allowing you to maintain complete control over your inbox.

What does the Homekit app that is included in iCloud+ do?

Connect the cameras to HomeKit Secure Video to record, analyze, and monitor home security footage from any location. The footage is saved in an end-to-end encrypted manner that only the users and the individuals the user selects may view. And none of the videos you've captured count against the iCloud storage online.

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