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Best Online Book Publishing

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Do you have a book in your head that needs to get out? Online book publishing is the best way to get your work out there and into the world. It’s an affordable, accessible, and easy way for authors of all levels to share their stories with readers from around the globe. Try one now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Online Book Publishing

What is the best online book publisher for me? 

A publishing company will serve as the platform where you jumpstart the success of your books. You have to weigh in a lot of things before you get to choose your publisher. Mainly, you have to consider the features offered, the credibility, and the terms you want.

Features Offered

There are features that you need and do not need. You have to prioritize what goes on top of your list and forego what is negligible. The tendency is that the more features a publisher have, the the greater profit cut they get. Therefore, it is a matter of weighing the costs incurred, and benefits received.

Publisher Credibility

Credibility is established through track records and results. This is why you really have to go out there and read reviews and testimonies to know what they could do for you.

Publisher Compatibility

Your options do not have to be limited to general publishing houses. You may consider publishing houses that cater to a specific niche.

You may take child book publishing companies, for example, what better way to gain an audience for a children's book than in a child book publishing company where parents could be browsing for their next purchase.

Getting the Terms You Want

You might want to have more creative freedom, a greater profit cut, and control over creative rights. These things need to be discussed in detail with a publisher. Yet, even before the negotiation process happens, read the publishers’ terms on their website. You could also check with the rates they offer to authors. 

What is self-publishing?

It happens when you decide to take on the role of publishing your works. Self-publishing involves a lot of weightlifting in terms of project management, budgeting, and oversight. It may also involve designing and proofreading unless you outsource.

What makes you an absolute self-publisher is by being an independent author unaffiliated with any book publishing company. 

Does an ebook require an ISBN? 

No. In the case of ebooks, these do not require an ISBN. Instead, it is required for printed books. However, if your ebook offers print on demand, you would likely need to acquire an ISBN for your book.

An International Standard Book Number or ISBN is a unique string of 13 digits. The digits all represent different aspects of a book, including language, publisher, book title, format, and edition. It is used for printed books, and the code is different for each version of the print. 

How do I get an ISBN for my self-published book? 

The usual scenario is that your publisher would take care of the ISBN for you. For self-publishers, you could apply for them from a regionally accepted source.

There are also steps on how you could purchase an ISBN. These steps apply to authors from the United States.

1. Go to myidentifiers.com

2. Select — "ISBN"

3. Set the quantity you would like to purchase

4. Click — "Buy Now"

5. Finally, you complete the checkout process

ISBN is free in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. If you are from Canada, you can get an ISBN from the ISBN Canada – Library and Archives Website. For those from British territories, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, the ISBN is available at the Nielsen ISBN Store.

International authors from countries not mentioned earlier can purchase an ISBN from isbn-international.org. The website is managed by the Global ISBN Agency which is the registration authority recognized internationally. 

Why should I get an ISBN? 

An ISBN qualifies your books to be in bookstores, retail stores, libraries, and in print. You should also get an ISBN before you could sell it on online retailers.

An ISBN also benefits your readers and buyers, as this is how they could purchase exactly the book they want. They would likely look for your book's ISBN and match it up with the selling retailer or distributor. 

Take note that an ISBN does not equate to copyright over intellectual property. You should still get a copyright for your book to solidify your intellectual ownership. 

How can I avoid online book publisher scams?

Avoiding shady book publishers entails doing your research. You could look upon complaints made against a specific publisher. The website can indicate a legitimate online publisher. Do a background check on the person who signed your offer, if any. It always pays to be vigilant, especially with your intellectual property on the line. 

Are there any disadvantages to publishing books online? 

There are a few disadvantages to publishing books online. Then again, these can be mitigated with the proper procedures. 

It may be difficult to profit from online publishing. Besides the low set prices, profiting off from online publications is difficult due to the huge availability of free resources. It is hard to go against competition who does what you do for free. Make sure that your book has its edge, and you hone that edge through time.

Optimizing for search engines could cost money and time. Marketing is not as simple as posting it online and sharing it with friends. It also has a lot to do with getting indexed by search engines. Search engine optimization is a tricky subject, but it can be learned in time.

Books may require upkeep due to "link rots". Not everything stays the same while on the internet. This is why you should regularly check whether or not the links on your digital books work. If not, then it ought to be relinked to the updated website and landing pages. 

Can I publish my books for free?

Yes, you can. You may look for the best free book publishing programs online. However, take note that the services are limited, and they may not get your books out there as much as you would like. The best online book publishing sites may take a cut of your royalties, but they compensate with high-end tools and professional assistance

Are there niche-specific online book publishing?

Yes, you could choose from a variety of niche-specific book publishing. They could be good for your book as the publisher has established connections with the target readers you have in mind.

Catholic Book Publishing and Other Theological Book Publishing

These publishers focus on books with themes of religion and theology. Their target market is often the religious people and students of sectarian schools.

Children Book Publishing

Catering to children aged 6 to 12, children book publishing companies focus on educational and interactive books and media. You might be an author of this niche, so opting for a children book publishing company would make total sense.

Educational Book Publishing

For books that cater to educators and students, academic and educational book publishing would be the perfect fit. Books may revolve around the topics of the English language, literature, and other subjects from the educational curriculum.

Academic and Scholarly Book Publishing

Books could cater to the needs of researchers, universities, and academic libraries. These are usually published with an academic and scholarly book publishing. Topics of these books touch on science, technology, and mathematics.

General Book Publishing

There are also online book publishers that cater to various niches. If you think that your book will likely be read by people of varying demographics, leaving them with a general book publishing company is the way to go. 

How much does the best online book publishing cost?

The price of the best online book publishing software varies depending on the publisher you choose. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0 to $500 and the quality of the software also varies greatly. You can expect to pay between $0 and $600 for the best book publishing software. The price will usually depend on the features and perks you get with the software.

Is there the best online book publishing software free to use online?

Yes. There is a lot of online book publishing software offered online. It is just a matter of finding the right one on websites. The best online publishing software is available to use on some sites that allow you to publish your book from your desk, and also allow you to format your book just the way you want it. 

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