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Best Domain Registrars

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Domain Registrars

What is the best domain registrar for small businesses?

The best domain registrar for small businesses is the all-around type. Since you’re still taking your first steps in growing your business, all-around domain registrars help you not only with domain name registration, but also aspects like website design and online promotions. It is also the best domain registrar with email features for better domain monitoring.

If you are a small business owner with limited working capital, you can take advantage of multiple services in one plan. With the affordable service plan, you'll have more money left to grow your business.

Can I renew an expired domain?

You can only renew a domain if it's still active. Once it has expired, you need to reactivate it. It will entail a different process, but the price issue is usually the same as for renewals. Just ask your service provider for their reactivation process, and you'll have your domain name back in the game.

Are there free domain registrar services?

Yes, there are free domain registrar services. However, these platforms only accommodate domain name searching. In case you want to register the name, the payment would be a standard requirement. Even the best free domain registrar scan only offers you free search but not free registration. 

In case you're short on the budget but are keen on registering a domain name, the best cheap domain registrars can offer you exceptionally affordable plans. These plans might even include other essential services that you'll surely love.

What if a domain I want is already registered to someone else?

If the domain name you want is already registered, you can do a WHOIS search to identify the owner. If their contact details are displayed publicly, you can negotiate with them and ask to buy the domain name. If the owner’s contact details are not available online, you can contact the company that provided their registration.

In case you don't want to go through the hassle, there are domain registrars that can offer extra-mile services for you. You can ask them to negotiate the purchase of the domain name on your behalf. They usually have agents who act as intermediaries for transactions like this.

What will happen if I misspelled my domain name upon registration?

Once you register a domain name, it is automatically processed, which means it's yours. If you misspelled the domain name, you have to register the new domain name right away, on the condition that it's still available.

You can cancel the wrong one, but domain registrars do not grant refunds for transactions like this. Thus, you should always check your spelling and details during registration.

Can I register an expired domain name?

If a domain expires and is not renewed during the grace period, it may be released for public auction. Once you see that your desired name is available, you can bid on it. However, if an expired domain wasn't renewed, sold, or redeemed after a certain period, it goes back to the domain registry. The registry will then decide when to re-release the name to a domain registrar. Once it does, you can easily buy it through domain registrar platforms.

What is the best type of domain registrar for domaintransfer?

The best domain registrar for transfer is also the all-around type, especially for single transactions. It offers comprehensive services, and you can bet that they accommodate transfers as well. Bundled hosting domain registrars mostly focus on domain name registration and web hosting as their main feature. Bulk domain registrars, on the other hand, will only accommodate bulk transactions.

What is the best domain name registrar for bloggers?

The best type of domain name registrar for bloggers is bundled domain registrars. This type is best for bloggers who are still trying to test the waters. Since bundled domain registrars specialize in domain registration and web hosting, you'll get the two best features you need.


Blogs need foot traffic to gain profit, and web hosting gives you that on top of the domain name registration. While all-around domain registrars seem a tough competitor, if you want people to focus on your content, you may need just the features of the bundled service. In case you decide to develop other aspects of your blog like web design, SEO, and domain transfer, you can always switch to an all-around domain registrar.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service wherein a domain registrar rents out email servers to its users. Though this is a usual add-on for domain registration services, it's not entirely necessary. You can register a name and have your website hosted without needing email hosting. However, some customers seek services from the best domain registrar with email hosting because a hosted email sounds more professional.

Can I register a domain for a country I am not living n?

Yes, you can register for a country-code domain for a different country. Though there are top-level domain names such as .com,  net, .org, etc., international companies usually use different country domain names to better customer connection. You just have to ask your service provider if they offer special services for your request.

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