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Best Data Recovery Software

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Fix bad file systems and recover lost or deleted files with data recovery software! Data recovery software is any type of software that recovers lost data from a variety of sources, including computers and other types of storage devices. Download the app today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Data Recovery Software

What is the best free data recovery software for single data recovery?

External storage data recovery software provides the most efficient way for single data recovery. If you're trying to recover files from a USB or SD card, this type will provide the best means for you to do so. However, if you're trying to recover files from a computer or a mobile phone, you need to use a software fit for the specific device.

Is free data recovery software safe to use?

If you're getting your software from a reputable service provider's website, then it is safe to use. However, it would help if you exercise caution when using free software because there are instances when the data are overwritten. Overwriting may cause permanent file deletion. Thus, you should follow the recovery steps carefully.

How long is the process of data recovery?

The process of data recovery varies depending on how complex the problem is. If you're dealing with lost files due to system malfunctions or lost partitions, the recovery may take some time. However, for simple data recoveries, most software can do the scanning and recovery in a matter of minutes.

How many times can I use my data recovery software?

Most service providers let you use your data recovery software as many times as you wish within a single device. Depending on the service provider, some allow you to use the software on multiple devices. If you want to use your software in different devices and storage, you should ask your service provider for a specific plan for that. 

Can I use data recovery software to fix my system?

No, you can't use data recovery software to fix existing problems in your system. Though there are several data recovery software in the market, they cannot resolve any physical issue with your device or storage. They can only help you retrieve files and backup your data. Fixing your system should be left at the hands of experts.

Should I continue using my external storage device after the data has been recovered?

If your data loss is due to its issues, you should stop using it after you retrieved the files. Though data recovery software backups your files and recover lost data, there's a chance that the device will fail again, and the files will be overwritten. Thus, you should not use the device anymore.

Can I move my data recovery software's activation key to another device?

Yes, it is possible to move your data recovery software's activation key to another device, depending on the plan you got. However, most service providers have a limit to the number of registered devices. Thus, you should deactivate the previous ones if you want to move your activation key to another device.

Will the file names be intact after the data recovery process?

In most cases, the file names are still intact even after the data recovery process. You can retrieve the files and data in the same way you saved them. The data structure will also be the same. Nevertheless, there may be rare cases when files will be recovered in groups and lose their file names. 

What do partitions do for my device?

Partitions are the sections of your storage device treated by the operating system at a separate volume. It sorts out your files to allow specific system space for individual data and applications. If the partitions get broken, then the files will have higher chances of being corrupted because the files' separation will be affected.

How do I find the best data recovery software free download of the full version?

Most service providers let you download a full version free of charge. However, this download usually serves as a free trial, which would expire more or less within 30 days. After that period, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. Nevertheless, the 30 day period still serves as a great way to assess the services before getting a paid plan.

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