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TunnelBear ad blocker is a small browser extension. Once users install it to their browser, it will instantly block all the ads that appear on a webpage. It's a great tool for people who want to block ads while still enjoying a page. One of the best features of the ad blocker is that it is extremely easy to install and use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes TunnelBear different?

​TunnelBear is different from other best free ad blockers because it's lightweight, free, and totally unlimited. It doesn't block all of the ads, just the ones that are slow to load, annoying, or potentially dangerous. This way users can enjoy more of the sites they love, and less of the ones they don't.

What is TunnelBear?

TunnelBear is one of the best ad blockers and extensions for the browser that helps users to reduce the number of ads and trackers that they will see while they browse the web. TunnelBear is a popular ad blocker that helps users to surf the web safely and privately. Just install it to the browser and it will simply get rid of all the ads and tracking cookies.

Can TunnelBear block email tracking?

TunnelBear Blocker that belongs to the 10 best ad blockers blocks illustrious email tracking sources (TunnelBear blocker uses the PixelBlock blacklist) from accessing user’s email. TunnelBear Blocker prevents any 1x1 breadth pixels and no-width pictures from loading, as these are the common tools of email tracking.

How the ads are blocked using TunnelBear

Best ad blocker websites such as TunnelBear Blocker can prevent ads from loading. It does this by checking the names of domains that run advertisements against crowdsourced lists of ad-supporting domains and prevent any ads from displaying. With this TunnelBear can block most of the annoying ads user can see from a website.

Can the best ad blockers for free like TunnelBear block ads that contain malware?

TunnelBear Blocker prevents loading of suspected malicious content using crowd-sourced blocklists. If users visit a site with ads or scripts which could be used for spreading malware, TunnelBear Blocker stops the load of the ads/scripts from the list of known domains containing malware so that it does not spread to their machine.

Can the TunnelBear ad blocker prevent trackers and scripts?

TunnelBear Blocker is a good ad blocker and powerful internet privacy tool. There are many ad blockers that now exist on the web that can be hard to avoid. With the help of TunnelBear Blocker users can block these cookies so that their ads won't be able to follow them around the internet by loading up in any new site that they visit.

Can the best ad blocker like TunnelBear block fingerprinting?

TunnelBear Ad Blocker can identify any web page running default Javascript methods that are used for the fingerprinting , and overrides them with more generic ones. Whatever the setup users have, TunnelBear Blocker will return a common user profile, making the user less recognizable to advertisers or trackers.

Is the best ad blocker like TunnelBear a powerful ad blocker tool?

Sure, it can simply block ads but it also blocks techniques that violate users privacy. This doesn't just mean that it stops ad trackers to follow them around all day long, but it counters the kind of malware and viruses that collect personal information about users by implementing safe browsing.

Why use TunnelBear as the best ad blocker?

There are many reasons why users want an ad blocker. The ads on the Web are getting more and more intrusive. They slow down their computer and consume bandwidth. TunnelBear is a simple, free tool that protects users online. Many people use TunnelBear as an ad blocker mainly because it is easy to install and use.

How the best ad blocker like TunnelBear block ultrasonic tracking?

Ultrasonic tracking is the use of inaudible, high frequency sounds intended to be picked up by a second device. These sounds, played in the background of advertisements, intend to link to user’s online behavior across multiple devices. Microphone is disabled by default and prompts the user for permission to turn it on when websites request it.

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