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Pixlr ranks 1 with 205 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Awesome photo editor, Great for editing, Free version is great' as the most positive attributes of Pixlr. On the other hand, they point out 'Not user friendly, Bad desktop version, Buggy' as not living up to their expectations.

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I love it's ease to do whatever you like with the x version on desktop.... would love if mobile would be the same The mobile is not that felxible to use.

I love that Pixlr is free! It is so easy to use and quick. It does take some simple knowledge of similar photo editing software such as photoshop or gimp, but there are simple videos online to help those who do not have background knowledge. Pixlr is not intuitive by nature, but many photo editing softwares are not either. This is where Pixlr could easily out do competition by giving simple intros to tools or examples.

it has lots of filter options and other fun options. You can easily enhance photos and get creative with their presentation. Also, for photography, this is an amazing and simple editor that enhances photos in many ways that more expensive options provide, so why not save the money if you are not a well-paid photographer and just use Pixlr. I use Pixlr in conjunction with Canva because Pixlr doesn't have the vast design options that Canva has, but Canva does not have the photo editing options that Pixlr has. So in connection they are great.

I use the Pixlr app to quickly make collages of photos for web posts at work. It can adjust the size, format, boarders easily with a few taps of the app and create the photo collages that I need. It's an essential tool in digital publishing. I find the web based pixlr less easy to navigate, but maybe that's more because I'm very familiar with the mobile app.

very good app for pic editing helps to enhance the quality of picture if we did any mistake while capturing. There is nothing much to dislike about it.

Features Pixlr provides for allowing the end user to customize the existing photos with real time enhancements is marvellous security and database management associated with the application/ software

I like that Pixlr is easy to use to do some work and its interface has a resemblance to photoshop Sometimes while working on the website, a bug is generated and requires an update

It is super easy to setup and use ive been using it for logos and projects ive been working on, top notch Verg buggy to the point where ive sold my pc thinking its my but finding out the software had a virus inside of it

The user interface is absolutely outstanding, it is so easy to handle and has a nice simplistic design. PixlR is one of the best non charging editing applications on the market at the moment. There is less tools on it when compared to competitors such as Photoshop. The stock images that are saved in the PixlR gallery are low quality and not the best.

Pixlr has many propelled highlights of uses for speedy altering of pictures, for example, including content, trimming, resizing or applying channels to photographs. It's straightforward, natural and outwardly wonderful, it enables you to make the most essential modifying in a basic manner which is exceptionally valuable. This program has a ton of help inherent and there is ton of data on google and you tube to show you anything. I don't generally disdain something besides there is no hybrid among Photoshop and pixlr. You need to figure out how to do things another way. There isn't much I don't care for about Pixlr.