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Best Background Erasers

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Do you want to remove an object from a photo? Background eraser is the most powerful and intuitive app for removing objects from photos. It's easy to use, with just a few taps of your finger. Get one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Background Erasers

How does a background eraser work?

Background erasers work by blurring and/or streaking the background colors in order to remove it. It also works by using the existing pixels of a given image to create a new "background" layer, or erase the old one.

How to use background eraser elements?

Background eraser elements are placed on top of the image and are then clicked on with the mouse to erase background elements from the photo. You can use these to remove distracting backgrounds from photos like people or debris that clutters a view of your subject.

Why can’t I get a background eraser to work on JPG?

This is because JPG was not designed for transparency, which is required to erase backgrounds. To deal with this limitation, you can convert the image to a different format like PNG and save it as a PNG file before you can use the eraser on it. Also, a JPG is an image that has already been changed by the computer to show your desired colors on a white background, so it doesn’t have any information about its original background color.

How to sample color with a background eraser tool?

You can use a typical background eraser-free tool to sample any color in an image, so long as it contrasts well with the background. The trick is that your "background eraser" needs to be set up to blend with the color of your background. If you are traveling around different types of backgrounds and colors, then the best option would be just to create a custom brush for each type of color. 

When you export a PDF file in a background eraser, what types of backgrounds are available for me to choose from?

There are 3 types of PDF backgrounds: white, black, or content-sensitive. The current default settings for JPGs in this app are "white," which means that the background will be replaced automatically with either a solid color selected by you when you export to PDF or a pattern. You should note that if you save your file as a JPEG instead of an EPS, transparency is preserved and alpha channels are lost.

Does the size of an image affect the time it takes to complete erasing?

Yes, but this will depend on your computer's hardware. A larger image takes longer to erase than a smaller one because computers are not capable of erasing everything at the same time. When you erase something with the paint tool in an image editing program, it only erases what is directly around it. If there is a lot of white space surrounding it can be removed quickly and easily to leave very few traces behind. 

How to patch an image with the free background eraser?

To patch an image with the free background eraser online, use the Magic Wand and click inside of where you want to keep your focus. Then go to "Select" and Edit > Cut. Click in the box or usage, then drag over what you want to be replaced with similar background surroundings (similar ones). Afterward, be sure to check for stray marks with regular erasers (not additions).

What's the difference between different background erasers?

The main difference will be in the brush and erasing style. One tool may have a specific race or type of background which is more difficult or common than others, where another tool will not be as capable. The size of their canvas should also make some minor differences to your particular task at hand, because you may need to crop squares for banners, icons, and website backgrounds differently.

Is it a crime to erase background while using an editor?

If you're using an editing application in the capacity of impersonating someone else then it is a crime. Otherwise, if all you did was change your hair color or erase a removed background, no it isn't.

What is the shortcut in illustrator to remove the background of an image?

Illustrator does not have a single shortcut to "remove the background" of an image. However, the illustrator does allow you to remove parts of an image and use the transparency slider or background eraser tool-free download to manipulate the elements on top of other elements. 

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