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Rebecca Gordon Astrology ranks 6 with 81 reviews. It sets itself apart with features that include 'Book Session with Astrologer Widget, Location Accuracy, Colored Calendar Days'. The user reviews mention: 'Useful for students, Lots of long time users, Learning curve is gentle' as the most positive attributes of Rebecca Gordon Astrology. The service doesn't present any negative aspect based on our reviews.

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Rebecca work is magnificent ! Her words, detail oriented, the way she describe things are super precise with everything and her reading are mind blowing. She basically gives you info that' make you look forward to moving your life in a better way. She is the only Magic Path Astrology in New York City that I highly recommend.. I recommended her to many of my friends because her work is worth than money.

Rebecca is an absolute treasure. I have had the pleasure of working with her over the past few months as I have rebranded my business and she has used her astrological genius to guide me in ways I didn't even think I needed. I have also had many readings by her and she is an expert in her field, while also explaining what astrology means in an easy and understandable way. She is on the top of my go to list for guidance!!!

Rebecca has been a tremendous help to me while rebranding and building my wellness business! We have used astrology to narrow down my niche market, and her overall business sense and advice on processes and operations have helped me create a structure and vision for my company that I didn't have before. I have spoken with a fair share of astrologers and the thing I really admire about Rebecca is her ability to integrate all of her knowledge into a reading and explain it in a way that is intelligent but understandable to even the newest students of astrology. I have enjoyed our time and her mentorship greatly and know I will be speaking with her throughout the rest of my life!

Rebecca's class Astrology for Entrepreneurs helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses as a business owner and then what steps I can take to leverage those weaker areas. If you're a beginner to astrology, don't worry. Rebecca's teaching style is clear, the class material is beautifully presented, and she answers all of your questions. I have my houses of business chart on the wall in my office and reference them each day! The material you learn is something you'll practice forever. Since taking this class I have more insight, purpose and drive to run a successful business.

Rebecca's "Astrology for Entrepreneurs" course is a perfect choice for entrepreneurs looking for easy, accessible astrology principles to help improve and streamline their business. Even if you are new to astrology, or still haven't launched your business yet, this course will work for you. Rebecca also provides helpful resources along the way, and I found that a lot of what was taught can also be applied to helping staying in the flow of everyday life.

As a new business owner and a beginner to Astrology, Rebecca Gordon's Astrology for Entrepreneurs class was so amazing! I learned so much about my nature and patterns in my work that have led me to overcome my challenges for success. I use the lessons from this class for daily tasks, as well as long term goals and projects. Rebecca really breaks Astrology down into easily understandable bits, so I definitely felt comfortable even though I only knew my sun sign when I enrolled. She is also so generous and helped many business owners brainstorm pivoting during COVID-19. I highly recommend this class for all entrepreneurs interested in maximizing their strengths and overcoming challenges.

In all the years I've known Rebecca, I have had the privilege to learn from such a compassionate, joyful, and wise mentor. I have enrolled in her beginners, and intermediate astrology programs, and it has surpassed my expectations! After graduating these two programs, I have decided to take this route as my career. Even in the field, I have had private mentorships to take my education to a top level tier as an astrologer. Through her, I have learned to synthesize my natural gifts with astrology, and found my calling as an intuitive astrologer. As your guide, she will help you along your journey to self-awareness and realization.

This is a review for Rebecca's intermediate astrology class. This class covers how to read your natal chart more in details and also see how you are doing or what is going to be like by checking current chart. This class is really helpful to use astrology for your daily life as well as helping friends who are having hard time. Of course this class is highly recommended for astrologist who would like to learn deeper in this field as well.

What I love most about Rebecca's classes is that she teaches on such a wide range of topics. From health and wellness, to love and relationships, beginners and intermediate, and now business and entrepreneurship - she can speak to it all. I've worked at my job for over 15 years. Through her Astrology for Entrepreneurship course, I was able to really hone in on what my specific skills are valuable in the workplace. I'd known what my strengths were to a degree, but she spoke to them in such detail that I found an immense amount of clarity. Her course helped me understand and appreciate what my closest coworkers bring to the table and realize how we can work together more efficiently. I love her attention to detail and ability to connect with her students. She's an incredible astrologer and teacher.

Rebecca Gordon is an expert in her field! I took her Beginner's Astrology Class in 2019 and found her to be extremely inspiring. The course provides the fundamentals necessary in order to meaningfully dive into a natal chart. Rebecca is a seasoned teacher and shares her knowledge clearly and generously. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in exploring astrology!