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PavitraJyotish ranks 9 with 32 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Life changing, Really appreciated by its users, Professional' as the most positive attributes of PavitraJyotish. The service doesn't present any negative aspect based on our reviews.

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I would like to share with you that as predicted in your report that Job opportunities can come for me from 19th August 2018 was very true. Your recommended remedies are really very effective. I will be in touch with you for further guidance. I like your website and regularly follow it! Great sir! Definitely, you are not only best astrologer in India also whole the world. Excellent!

Pt Umesh Chandra Pant. is a Fabulous astrologer. His astrology is most of the times accurate. Very nice person with kind heart. I was going through a mental trauma regarding my love life. Pandit ji told me some remedy and now she is back in my life with previous feelings.

Pt Umesh Chandra Pant has revealed to me the power of Astrology Gemstones. He explained how stones interact with our blood circulation system and have medicinal benefits. Pavitra Jyotish saved me from my deteriorating health conditions. I took all the gemstones as directed by Pt. Umesh Ji, and has there after led a healthy life. I was suffering from Migraine, which does not have any dedicated medicine to be treated with. The Gemstones have kept away my anxiety and shrilling head aches for a long time now!

Pt. Umesh Chandra Ji prepared the Birth Chart of my daughter. She is ‘mangyalik’ and we were facing difficulty in getting her married to the perfect match. With Pandit Ji’s guidance, and modern astrology solutions from his center Pavitra Jyotish, we were able to give our daughter her better half! This was 3 years ago! Today my daughter is happily married, and has a beautiful child in her lap! Without Pt. Umesh Ji’s blessings this would not have been possible.

Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant is an expert in tantra and Mysticism. His knowledge in Hindu Spiritualism is unparalleled. I receive weekly forecasts from his Astrology Center in Delhi, Pavitra Jyotish. He has helped me find the meaning of life by indulging in pure rituals, sadhana, and astrology predictions. I am forever thankful to him, for always suggesting the right solutions to my problems.

Being a businessman, I have to look out for several hidden enemies, behind my back. You can’t be sure of who’s plotting what against you! Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant and his astrology solutions help me to lead a peaceful life, and avoid unnecessary people and problems. I visit his Pavitra Jyotish center regularly, and Pandit Ji is always there to help me solve my problems. Thank you Umesh Ji for being my guide.

I am forever indebted to him, for all his correct predictions and Astrology remedies. Pt. Umesh ji is a god like figure to me, and I respect him a lot. Thank you Pavitra Jyotish for connecting me to him.

Pavitra Jyotish which is put up in New Delhi they are the best astrologer I have ever met in my life. Before meeting them I almost visited 20 pandits and astrologer and all were trying to drag money and only provided general prediction but this person is infinite percent better than all and in fact there is no comparison. He is the best in astrology and without asking a single question, he told me everything about my pain which I am suffering and also gave me simple remedies. He has given me ample of time and listened all my problems carefully even though he was busy. He definitely deserve 5 star rating and 5 star rating is just a formality.

I am an Astrology and Spirit Science enthusiast. I am a student of Anthropology and have developed interest in Alternative Philosophy and Sciences. I am a follower of Pandit Umesh Chandra Ji of Pavitra Jyotish, as I believe he is the only person I have seen that has a thorough knowledge of Astrology and Spiritualism. He is a dear friend of mine, and always helps me with my research work, studies, and life.

My life was taking a down turn. My husband divorced me to get married to another woman. I was left behind with my 5 year old kid alone. I was helpless, and my In-Laws never supported me. I then visited Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant, in his Astrology center Pavitra Jyotish. He is truly an expert in Palmistry and have helped me to make me stand on my own feet again. Last year, I got a good job and was able to get my son admitted to a good school. I am a proud hard-working Single Mother, and Pt. Umesh Ji’s blessings have always been with me!