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Kasamba ranks 1 with 646 reviews. It sets itself apart with features that include 'Cartomancy, Palmistry'. The user reviews mention: 'Really appreciated by its users, Customer service is great, First impression is great' as the most positive attributes of Kasamba. On the other hand, they point out 'Customer service is bad, Money transfer issues, Suspected scam' as not living up to their expectations.

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I have to admit, you folks really have to tighten the belt on quality of advisors. As well as the prices they charge. Truth & Light, Demetri, Andrew...they charge over $18/minute but they have been dead wrong in everything they said to me. Demetri even said: "in 4 days this will happen...."that was in August. You have to get them to follow a code of conduct. I don't mind if they get 3 out of 5 things wrong. But then they need to charge less than $4.00/minute. If they are going to charge hight rates, they must do better than that. need to allow users to write feedback whenever they want to...not just within a month.


This has been an overall great experience. I feel like I have contacted to others well. The only problem seems to be techical. I can not receive emails from certain psychics when I really need to. And I loose them while chatting or it is real slow. Other than that the experts are great!


My recent experiences at Kasamba/Liveperson have enforced why I continue to keep a site of my own! There was a technical issue but, other web sites have similar problems. However, the difference between this company and other companies is Kasamaba/Liveperson take care of the issue quickly!! The other amazing thing about these two sites is how they immediately contact you; their follow-up is wonderful! Thank you and glad to be a part of this organization.


I am a long time user of Live Person/Kasamba, and I can attest that they have some very good psychics. The following are my findings in comparing the two sites: 1. Live Person had a much better format of displaying favorite psychics. Unlimited psychics could be listed in Favorites. Kasamba has a limit of 16. After reaching 16, have to delete or remove psychics in order to add any new favorites. 2. Chats in Kasamba are difficult to go back and read. The double/triple spacing makes it too large. Single spacing would be much easier to read and digest the contents. 3. Kasamba had a problem with adding funds. I had two credit cards available to pay for sessions...Kasamba wanted funds charged to credit card, and posted to the Kasamba website BEFORE a reading. This may have been resolved for myself. I noticed in my last reading, there were no funds in reserve and they did charge the entire session to my credit card. 4. In Kasamba it is difficult to find and read about new psychics. Live Person had a better system of listing several psychics on the same page I also liked seeing my favorites in a list, instead of having rows going across the page. Lists are easier to read. 5. It has been noted that both sites require first copying the chat contents to notepad. This will enable taking out duplicate names of those speaking, correct spelling errors, and put contents in the order that it was spoken. The chat then needs to be copied to a word document. I would like to be able to view and/or save a chat that is single spaced, thus far have not been able to do this. Single spaced chats take less space and are easier to read, or check for quick reference. 6. Along the same lines as item 5 above, it would be a nice feature to be able to copy a chat direct from the Kasamba chat page into a word document or even e-mail. Not have to copy a chat to notepad first in order to manipulate the data. Also its been noted that a chat made single spaced in notepad, and even in a word doc, will go back to double spacing when copied into an email. Overall, Liveperson/Kasamba are very good sites, with excellent readers. Would hope the above suggestions can and will be addressed for the benefit of the clients as well as the site. Thank you for reaching out to users to make improvements, and for the opportunity to express my personal thoughts. Best Regards, Nancy


So far I have had a wonderful experience with Kasamba. When I had an issue in billing, they were very quick to respond and resolve within days. The experts I have interacted with have been great. My only suggestion is that the experts be checked out by Kasamba more thoroughly to keep the integrity of their advisers/experts and Kasamba's reputation. Before I hire any expert, I check out their reviews for a while and watch the experience others have had with them. I have observed others who are not as trustworthy and where others have not had great experiences. Since I observe an expert's reviews for a while, I only hire them if they have had 5 star reviews consistently. As a result, the experts I have interacted with have been wonderful.


I have had a lot of readings over the years. I have stuck with the same readers because they are excellent. I do have readings from others and have been disappointed. I have tried to use the discounts and they never get applied. I wish you had a set discount for your loyal customer. Mary

Annie Poliacof

It is very difficult to get in touch with anyone because you cannot talk top anyone live. You have to wait at least 24 hours for a response and the coupon codes do not always work :( I feel that there should be more coupons for the people who spend a lot of money. I know I do!!


this site has the best range of topics and the best advisers. so far my experience has been very good and never had any situation where some unexplained charge has come on my credit card from this site. very easy to access your past history with a good chat window.


I am surprised sold to live person only to go back to kasamba several years down the track. Seems a waste of time and money. The pinkness of the site makes it look cheap. What if I want to use live person for other experts? I cant now as it redirects me. The liveperson site was so much better and more professional looking...seems like the company hasn't bothered to give a good reason as to why they did this. Nevertheless they offered a discount which was great :)


I had some connections problems with some of my experts and after contacting Kasamba Service center via email they were very quick to respond, review my case and provide me a refund for serives that were not rendered! They were excellent!