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Debra Silverman ranks 2 with 12 reviews. It sets itself apart with features that include 'Outer Planet Analysis'. The user reviews mention: 'Has everything you need, Delivery is fast, Beautiful interface' as the most positive attributes of Debra Silverman. On the other hand, they point out 'Disappointing features, Problems with launching, Fine print' as not living up to their expectations.

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Excellent book for all Astrology lovers and who want to learn more about who they are..

I read this book as supplemental reading for an astrology course that I took. It was an interesting view on personality and human systems.

Interesting self-help book based on astrology, metaphysics, and psychology.

I adore Debra Silverman from her YouTube series. It’s a beautiful blend of astrology and therapy, delivered but a no-nonsense dynamo.

Pretty basic, but a good start to Self Love and Astrology.

Easy read and conversational in its delivery. Many astrology books can be BORING but not this one. The book is insightful, funny and easily understood. Congratulations for helping anyone interested in self discovery and astrology engage in the journey. Much gratitude.

The Missing Element is an interesting way of discovering why you are who you are and behave like you do. The parts of you that need more work are offered generous assistance in this book. The teaching moments are introduced by real life stories which makes them easier to comprehend. It does help to have some basic knowledge of astrology and the elements. Food for thought for sure.

Astrology and the elements are not my thing. However, Debra has a background in psychology, and I think her overall goal in this book is admirable. Essentially, she breaks humanity down into archetypes and elaborates on how each type thinks and feels. We can use these as a tool to understand the people in our lives better, and be more empathetic to them and towards ourselves.

Debra Silverman is a unique astrologer who uses humor as well as practicality to help you determine how to think about your life and interact to reach your highest potential. Take her quiz, do the work and you will be rewarded with greater understanding of your goals and abilities to reach a higher level of satisfaction.

Really good read. Great for understanding yourself. If the reader has an open mind, they don't even need to subscribe to Astrology or anything like that. The idea of the four elements provide simple to understand archetypes making processing complicated identity crisis bits easier to understand (because there's a framework in place and not just an isolated issue. It provides context you could say.) Def got a lot of value out of it.