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CyberAstro is an online Vedic astrology site offering a range of astrological readings, predictions, and remedies. You can schedule a live astrology session with one of the site’s astrologers or get a report covering various life topics. The site provides many free services and premium services for paid members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must sign up for a membership to avail of free services that include a birth chart and a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope prediction. In addition, CyberAstro astrology site also posts a monthly Vedic sky report showing which planets will transit into each zodiac sign and what that means for you.

Use CyberAstro's free Muhuratam to discover the most advantageous times to conduct significant events like weddings, travel, starting a new job or business, moving into a new home, and more.

In addition, the free astrology reports cover health, wealth, career, and relationship advice based on your birth chart. CyberAstro also maintains a free blog covering various topics on astrology.

CyberAstro astrology site offers a one-year membership. Each membership level provides either more of a product or service or a deeper discount. Here are a few benefits you’ll receive from CyberAstro’s paid subscription.

Live Astrology Sessions

Use the online form to schedule a phone appointment with one of the site’s astrologers. Billing for live services occurs at 15-minute intervals and includes one or two birth charts. You can cover multiple concerns in each session. Premium membership entitles you to a live astrology session up to a defined monetary amount.

Ask a Question

This service provides a personalized analysis of your birth chart and question chart. You also receive an answer and possible remedies to your specific question or problem. Premium membership entitles you to a certain number of personalized services per year or a discount on the services.

Online Astrology Reports

CyberAstro offers several types of instant reports, including a Vulnerability Index Check covering the next 30 days, career predictions, planetary transits, horoscope predictions, and more.

Personal Astrology Reports

Personal astrology reports cover the same topics as instant online astrology reports, except these reports are personalized to your situation. An expert provides guidance, suggests the causes of your problems, and predicts future challenges and opportunities.

Astrology Remedies

CyberAstro provides astrological remedies such as Energized Yantra, Vedic Astrology Yagna, and Vedic Ceremonies. While gems and yantra are remedies effective forever, a yagna is a one-time remedy.

CyberAstro offers numerous remedies for your life problems. Here are the most popular ones:

Energized Yantra

A yantra is a geometric design, a visible form of the mantra and the mantra’s corresponding planet. A yantra is just as potent as a mantra. CyberAstro’s energized yantras help you gain power or wealth, avoid illness or evil, nullify planet disturbances, enhance your capabilities and bring your spiritual comfort.

Vedic Astrology Yagna

Astrological yagnas are the most potent remedy to reach goals or avoid disaster. A personalized yagna is similar to a physician’s prescription for a specific illness. A personalized yagna addresses the five aspects of life: health, wealth, marriage, children, and obstacle removal.

Vedic Ceremonies

CyberAstro organizes community ceremonies and yagnas for its members. Each of these traditional ceremonies centers on devotion to one member of the Vedic tradition. In addition, these ceremonies include prayer, readings, transit planet readings, and opportunities for those with specific birth charts.

CyberAstro offers several types of predictions, including a complete life prediction. It forecasts your career, finances, love, marriage, planetary transitions, and horoscope.

You can schedule a time to speak live with an astrologer. These are not traditional psychic readings but personalized sessions that address your needs. You can discuss multiple issues in each session, with sessions billed in 15-minute increments.