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Astrolabe ranks 5 with 10 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Lots of long time users, Gives you options, Great for small business' as the most positive attributes of Astrolabe. The service doesn't present any negative aspect based on our reviews.

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Sonia Burle Marx Smith

A must have for astrologers .I strongly recommend it. It´s a company that has been around for years

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Nov 23, 2017

Sue Minahan

Solar fire allows an astrologer to grow and develop with their expertise and ability. A great and necessary tool.

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Apr 14, 2018

Catherine Yronwode

Long-standing and reputable, they offer great free products for those with a beginning interest, and professional-grade materials for career astrologers.

Great site if you believe in Astrology.

This is the most trusted astrological software company int he business. Whether or not you agree with astrology, those who want these services would do well to use this company. They are the best and have been in business for over 35 years!

I find astrology, and this site in particular, helpful. First, to determine the better time periods or not-so-good ones in my life and second, to make the most of them. The reports are good, and uncannily accurate.

The best specialists on this globe for serious astrology software, most exact calculations, easy to use and encyclopaedic in content. The selfmade Super Hero is obviously a hero like a fly in the butter-milk. Who has no knowledge on a subject, how can he judge it? I am reseller of their products since 1986 and know very well about their expertise, seriousity and friendlyness. Klaus

This company provides astrological software and education. I have used their products since 1993. The staff is college educated. The technical staff is quick to respond, patient and supportive. I have attended workshops on the products and found the staff willing to spend time with participants both in support of the software and in educating about astrology. This website and its staff are highly respected in the astrological community.

Very Informative site providing information on Astrology Software. Free mini report. Resource links. Small company in business over 2 decades

I have been using this site for the past thirteen years and it is run by college educated astrologers who are willing to help those who are interested in astrology. There is no need for religious connotations based on rating this site.