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Protect your website with Trust Guard’s antivirus software. The company’s all-inclusive antivirus software package provides an integrated cyber and response team to defend online businesses based on top antivirus software reviews.

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Website Security

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Website Scan

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Multi Layered Protection

Internet Security

Threat Intelligence

Active SSL Certificate

Website Security

Ransomware Protection

Real-Time Antivirus Protection

WiFi Network Protection

Data Shield

Online Scanner

Vulnerability Scanner

POS Terminal Scan

Virus Detection

Cleanup Tool


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Trust Guard different?

Trust Guard products use award-winning, industry-exclusive technology, antivirus software on pc so your computer is safer than ever. They offer many unique features. It's designed to make your site visible and trustworthy on the internet by protecting you from outside threats, like hackers, bots, viruses, and even cyber squatters. Trust Guard is a blend of global monitoring and community intelligence. When it detects a harmful event or disruptive behavior on your site that could harm your business or hurt consumers, Trust Guard notifies you so that you can take action with urgency before any damage is done.

What is Trust Guard?

Trust Guard is a free antivirus software for your computer against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and more. Unlike other free services, Trust Guard doesn't bundle ads or software in its app. This helps ensure that you can avoid installing unwanted applications on your computer in the future. With over 3 million satisfied customers, it's the trusted name for virus scanning and protection from rogue sites and hackers to help keep your personal information safe online. Protect yourself with their 7-day trial now!

How to get verified by Trust Guard?

The verification process is a simple 5-step process available at:

Step 1:

Create your Trust Guard account

Step 2:

Complete the initial validation, including providing scans of an invoice or Paypal receipt to verify your credit card balance.

Step 3:

Fill out a copy of the company's certification form ( Agreement and Certification Form).

Step 4:

Fax this form to 800-876-2024.

Step 5:

Check your email for the confirmation email confirming that you are now verified.

What does the Trust Guard privacy policy charge?

Trust Guard's privacy policy charges nothing to comply. The Trust Guard privacy policy is designed to provide services for businesses that collect and store customer data. It's a "third-party" certification that can be used to verify the level of protection your company provides to protect consumer's personal information from hackers and other input sources that might pose threats to the security of your customers' data.

What is PCI scanning in Trust Guard?

PCI scanning stands for payment card industry scanning. It is a security measure undertaken by Trust Guard to prevent credit card fraud against its customers. To protect your business, Trust Guard helps ensure that checkout data never makes it to your server. Making it an antivirus and security software too. Instead, it automatically reroutes the transaction data to use various servers worldwide and sends you notification of which country will be used in this process (it only stores enough information on its servers as necessary). This means that all your customer's credit card and address information remains secure at all times - even when you get hacked!

What is Trust Guard 4x Protection?

Trust Guard 4x Protection is a security verification service that protects you on the internet. With Trust Guard, you are safeguarded against viruses, malware, and phishing scams. You don't have to be afraid of losing your data online again! Trust Guard 4x Protection is fast, free, and easy to install. There is no need to worry about identity theft when you shop online from the merchant's stores that have done their due diligence in purchasing Trust Guard's service. This service was designed with one goal in mind, to give its merchants the peace of mind they deserve so that they can focus on what matters—their customer satisfaction.

What is Trust Guard’s privacy verification?

Privacy verification is a service that checks if the website you are visiting has been verified as trustworthy by Trust Guard. The system is based on an industry-vetted, global scale of 1 to 100 points. Websites with at least 40 points will be deemed "Trustworthy." It's free, and you don't need to do anything besides look for the Trust Guard seal. The Trust Guard privacy verification seal indicates that your browsing session has not been tampered with or monitored in any way, therefore protecting your identity from possible theft or misuse. It means more risks can be taken without worrying about the consequences! Browse securely and anonymously via their privacy-protected proxy network, which encrypts all traffic no matter what speeds you select!

How does Trust Guard verify whether a site is safe?

If the site has UserTrust certification, then they will be verified by Trust Guard. After an order is placed, Trust Guard takes about ten days to assess the user experience and recommend any improvements for improvement before giving approval or rejecting the transaction. This process may differ if there has been any unusual activity on transactions in recent weeks, resulting in a new category of questions being asked. All services are also tested for malware and viruses often as soon as 7-10 days after purchase to ensure that these dangerous threats cannot harm you or your computer systems at any time during or post-purchase process.

Do I need to purchase anything from Trust Guard before I'm able to trust a site?

No, they just make it easier for people like yourself who are concerned with what sites may have wrong intentions or may not be protected enough for many reasons. They also offer a way of reporting things and areas that require improvement on the site owner’s part because defective sites affect all internet users by making some tools less reliable on different parts of the world wide web. Best antivirus software online to use while browsing

How do I contact someone at Trust Guard?

Website customers can contact Trust Personal at from the "Contact Us" tab to submit an inquiry or ask a question! There are hours of operation on Saturdays from 11 am EST-8pm EST in which someone can respond.

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