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Last updated on November, 24

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#6Antivirus Software

Cybersecurity that crushes what others don't.

Want a world without cyberthreats? Protect your device, data, and business against all types of threats on the web with Malwarebytes. Bringing a new meaning to antivirus software definition, Malwarebytes gives you peace of mind by delivering the most innovative protection technology so you can browse the web, shop, play, and socialize with no worries.

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Top Pros & Cons

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Very thorough and effective


Works and protects mobile devices


Easy to use


Can fix phone numbers


Protects against malware and spyware


Finds hidden apps and inappropriate ads


Efficient search of malware issues



Slow scanning of malwares


Not user friendly


Unable to upgrade and use premium features


Poor customer service


Unable to fix clipboard malware


Ad pop-ups gives new virus


Unresponsive and broken update system


Poor service performance


$ 3.33

per month, 1 device

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Personal - 1 Device

$ 4.99

per month

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$ 3.33

per month, $39.96 per year

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Premium - 5 Devices

$ 6.67

per month, $80.04 per year

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Premium + Privacy - 5 Devices

$ 8.33

per month, $99.96 per year

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For Teams

$ 4.16

per month, $49.99 - $799.80 per year

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Endpoint Protection

$ 58.32

per month, $699.90 - $5,939.01 per year

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Endpoint Detection and Response

$ 70.82

per month, $849.90 - $5,939.01 per year

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All features

Multiple Devices

Website Security

Real-Time Protection

Cleanup Tool

Cookies Remover

Update Manager


  • Multiple Language Support

  • Windows Desktop Software

  • Mac Desktop Software

  • Android Mobile App

  • iOS Mobile App

  • Simultaneous Access

  • Multiple Devices for One Account

  • Available in 100+ Countries

  • Multiple Device Encryption

  • Continuous Monitoring

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Multiple Devices

Website Security

Real-Time Protection

Cleanup Tool

Update Manager


Malwarebytes logo


Cookies Remover




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add more devices to my antivirus software


To add more devices, click on the “Subscriptions” tab and then click on the “Buy More” button found below “Available Devices.” From there, click on the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons located on the left to adjust the devices you want to add.

However, note that adding devices comes with a fee. You can check the “Order Summary” portion to see the price of your additions.

How do I view my invoice and order history?

You can find your invoice and order history in the “Orders” tab of your account. From there, you can find information on your orders, including the product purchased, reference number, payment method, amount, transaction type, and invoice.

How will I know if someone shared a Malwarebytes license key with me?

If someone shares a license key with you, you’ll receive an email from Malwarebytes. The email will show the name of the person who shared the license with you and information on how to download, install, and activate Malwarebytes.

Can I unshare an invitation key?

Yes. First, go to your account and click on the “Subscriptions” tab. Then, click on the arrow next to “Manage Invitations” and check the invitee you sent the invitation to. If they haven’t claimed the license key yet, you can click the trash can icon to unshare the invitation. Take note; you can’t unshare a claimed license key.

When will I receive a renewal email?

Malwarebytes sends subscription renewal emails at least 30 days before the expiration of your plan. The emails will be sent through either of these addresses: or

How come I can't send and receive emails when Malwarebytes Privacy is on?

If you can send and receive emails, make sure to check if your email client is using port 25 to communicate. Port 25 is considered an unsecured port used for email spamming, so Malwarebytes usually blocks this port. Another way to go around this is to use a web browser to send and receive emails.

How do I protect a computer with multiple operating systems?

As one of the top antivirus software in the PC market, the company recommends installing a Malwarebytes Premium on each system since each operating system will be treated as a separate device. If you need to protect more devices, just buy more additional licenses for your plan.

Why is my internet speed slow when using Malwarebytes?

As Malwarebytes antivirus software online uses a built-in VPN, some might lose speed since data encryption takes time. If your internet speed is slower with your Malwarebytes Privacy turned on, it’s best to choose a server location closer to your physical location.

Are online transactions with Malwarebytes secure?

Yes. Malwarebytes transactions are processed by two payment partners: 2Checkout and Cleverbridge. 2Checkout’s transactions are protected with SSL encryption, and they don’t store any sensitive credit card information. Cleverbridge’s transfer is secured using Transport Layer Security, and it only reveals your credit card number’s last four digits.

Can I report a false positive?

Yes, you can. As an antivirus and security software, users can report false positive websites in the Malwarebytes Forum:

From there, researchers of the company will review the website to see. A Malwarebytes staff member will reply to your forum post and ask for more information on the website.

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