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This award-winning software provides essential protection against the most advanced cyberattacks with multi-layered security to help keep your devices safe. You can choose between three types of protection - basic (free), premium, Cloud, or ultimate - depending on your needs and budget.

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What is Comodo Antivirus?

Comodo Antivirus is a free antivirus software suite that protects against security threats. It scans and removes viruses from your PC, as well as providing protection from spyware programs such as keyloggers and password-stealers. It not only detects a malware, but it identifies malicious websites, too, containing trojans, phishing (pharming) sites, or spoofing sites that try to steal personal information. It also offers personal firewalls, desktop lockdown, and SSL certificates to help encrypt data transfer between a user's device and internet servers like banks or e-commerce sites. Layer 3 consists of cloud-based services which provide malicious website detection and URL filtering. There is also a VPN with military-grade encryption for securing wired connections to public WiFi hotspots in airports or coffee shops.

What makes Comodo Antivirus different?

Comodo Antivirus differs from its competition in a few key ways. First, Comodo takes advantage of its patented triple-core protection to provide users with an unmatched level of security. Second, it employs the most up-to-date technology available for detecting and blocking malware threats while staying light on your computer's resources. Third, it integrates antivirus content with other layers of protection like firewalls and system analyzers, making standalone security products obsolete in today's technological climate. And finally, much like any excellent quality product must be supported by the company that makes it, customer service and technical support are free across all time zones when you purchase Comodo Antivirus.

What is the Comodo Antivirus cloud?

Comodo Antivirus Cloud is a cloud-based antivirus scanner designed for small and medium businesses looking for an on-demand, cost-effective cyber protection service. Cloud technology provides instantaneous real-time protection against malware, spyware, and other online threats. When you have installed the Comodo Antivirus Cloud client application on your PC or server, your files and folders are scanned in real-time without any user intervention required whatsoever. This means that once a file has been added to one of your "trusted" locations—such as my documents or desktop—it will be virtually always protected from malicious attack automatically by the Comodo Antivirus Cloud software running on their servers.

What is Comodo Antivirus stateful mode?

Comodo Antivirus stateful mode is a secondary protection technique that the software uses to disable infected files. It is an excellent way of getting rid of what cannot be removed just through other methods, and it scans inside all network drives when in this mode. It also manages all domains related to specific applications, particular directory stores, or data formats. It creates an execution order list for subsequent scanning to avoid precedence errors and duplicate scanning steps. The program automatically figures its deep scan every 60 minutes without rescanning from the beginning. It's transparent for users because it should not experience any difference once enabled but gains an extra level of security and speed owing to more frequent scanning and shorter waiting time.

What is Comodo Antivirus cloud scan?

Comodo Antivirus Cloud scan is a centralized scanning engine that audits users’ online activity against malware and phishing threats. While it may not be as comprehensive as some other security solutions on the market, it does help put a little distance between Internet users and potential dangers that lurk online. The cloud-based antivirus scans run silently in the background of your computer, analyzing any file or link you download before displaying them to you on your desktop.

How to allow a program in Comodo Antivirus?
Step 1:

Navigate on the "Program" tab forward button and click on the submenu "Untrusted Apps".

Step 2:

Now open a list of untrusted apps and find the required app, then right-click on it.

Step 3:

New window of properties will be opened, where under the General tab, check "Trust this application", which will turn a green color. Click Ok to apply changes. Remember that this is an optional change at your own risk!

What are the benefits of Comodo Antivirus software?

Comodo Antivirus software protects you from cybercriminals, viruses, and worms. It’s proactive - it scans your computer every day for vulnerabilities and continually updates you on the status of any virus or malware. It has a unique GUI that alerts users to all security threats to take necessary action immediately if necessary. There are also premium options available with real-time protection. With live traffic scanning enabled, Premium offers an extra level of online safety by detecting potential malware in emails, web pages browsed, applications downloaded, etc. Cloud before it reaches your PC system via some form of internet communication such as email or surfing the web.

What does Comodo Antivirus protect against?

Comodo Antivirus protects against malware, rootkits, Trojans, and worms. It also blocks phishing sites and prevents man-in-the-middle attacks to provide greater security through a secure website connection. To ensure your PC is safe from malware and hacking activities such as phishing campaigns that use fake websites to steal personal information like online banking passwords, credit card details, etc. Comodo offers Internet Security solutions for home users with free lifetime updates.

How does Comodo Antivirus do its work?

Comodo Antivirus does its work by constantly monitoring every action on your PC and scanning all of its data, including RAM. It checks for malware, viruses, trojans, spyware, computer worms to protect your PC from these malicious invaders on-demand before they can infect your system or data.

What files does Comodo Antivirus protect?

Comodo Antivirus protects all kinds of files on the device installed and will also scan external devices connected. For example, if you connect your laptop via an SD card reader to a PC for file transfer or backup, it will scan the mobile device that's connected as well. It is one of the only brands that protect data at this level. Note: System Protection does not make it immune against user mistakes like viruses and Trojans still infecting those system folders and sub-folders!

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