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Placeit is a comprehensive online mockup, video, and design template maker. With Placeit you can create all of your branding and marketing digital assets right in your browser. It's easy to use and you can easily import your design from our library of free mockups, video templates, and website templates. Placeit is a perfect tool for designers, marketers, bloggers, webmasters, or small business owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Placeit different?

Placeit’s free animated video maker is extremely simple to use and allows anybody with an internet connection to produce professional-looking films in seconds. Simply choose a movie creator, enter your content, choose your colors, save your completed video, and you’ll be able to showcase your video to your audience.

What is Placeit?

Placeit is a comprehensive online mockup, design template, and animated video maker. Without having to download any software, you can create all of your branding and marketing digital assets right in your browser.

Does Placeit have a library of stock music?

Yes. You may use Placeit's library of professionally recorded and licensed music instead of just any other generic music all within the online animated video maker. With over 1300 distinct audio tracks, you can increase your video’s appeal. Everything from alternative rhythms to lyrical jazz may be added with a single click.

Is keyframe preview included in Placeit’s editor?

While editing your animated video, you will be able to see your video changes in real-time with Placeit’s Fast Preview feature. This allows you to reduce the amount of time you spend editing and increase the amount of time you spend producing as you’ll be able to make modifications as you go in the responsive animated video maker app.

What type of animated videos can I make with Placeit?

With Placeit, you can create introductions, social media stories, product or service overview showcases, content teasers, step-by-step tutorials, marketing promotions, inspirational quotes, and more. You may use it for any type of content marketing including blogs and websites.

May I use the designs I made with Placeit and sell them?

Yes, of course. You may use your final design to create any type of product and then sell it. With the designs and logos you create, you may seek to register trademarks. When you buy from Placeit, you have the right to use your designs for business, marketing, or advertising reasons on whatever platform you choose.

What file formats does Placeit export to?

Media created using the free online animated video maker are exported in MP4 files. For other purposes, you use Placeit, PNG file mockups, and design templates are provided. Social media postings are formatted according to each platform's requirements and are also in PNG format (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) PNG files are used for logos.

Placeit doesn’t have the asset that I need to use. Can they add them?

Placeit has around 29,000 materials organized by type: mockups, designs, logos, and videos. To locate or refine your asset requirements, Placeit provides a search bar and tags. Placeit material is updated on a regular basis, if there is anything you'd like to see added to the library, you may send us a comprehensive description of what you're looking for.

Does Placeit have a library of free templates I could use to get started?

Placeit offers more than 50 thousand of both free and premium templates. In their library, you’ll be able to find a template that can help you get started with your project. With over 600 templates added to their library weekly, you’ll have more options to choose from for your animated video.

Can I use Placeit to make animated video slideshows?

Yes. Choose a slideshow video creator that suits your style, and don't worry about the number of slides because you can always add more. Choose from a variety of dynamic visuals, music, and fonts. Then submit your logo and select the appropriate music for your video.

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