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Symbolab is an online provider of math solver tools such as algebra calculators that allow students to explore and understand complex algebra concepts. Symbolab algebra calculators provide a step-by-step solution to any algebra problem and offer helpful illustrations and explanations for each step. Free to use, Symbolab algebra calculators make learning algebra quicker and more fun.

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Symbolab is a great tool that can help you with your algebra, but it is missing some features that are common in other algebra calculators. One of the unique features that Symbolab offers is the Symbols Pad. With this feature, you can create a matrix or expand a power without having to input the coefficients manually. Another great feature of Symbolab is the Free Sign Up. With this feature, you can try out the calculator for free and see if it is right for you before you commit to a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription is also quite affordable, at only $4.99 per month. However, one downside of Symbolab is that it does not offer one-click solving like some of its competitors. This means that you will have to input your equation and then click on the “solve” button in order to see the solution. Another downside is that it does not have a find greatest common factor or least common measure function. Overall, Symbolab is a great algebra calculator that is missing some common features but makes up for it with its unique features and affordable price.

In their reviews, users have mentioned that one of the cons of Symbolab is that you have to pay extra. Another con is that the free version is disappointing. Additionally, mobile app is bad. Some pros of Symbolab include that it is better than the rest, good value for money, and has everything you need. Another pro is that it has helped many users. One more pro is that it is very useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to some user reviews, Symbolab algebra calculators do not work for some complex algebra problems— and expectedly so, since AI-generated computing tools have their limitations. There are algebra problems that you can solve only through manual computation. For the most part, though, Symbolab algebra calculators provide accurate answers. Many students, teachers, and parents trust Symbolab for its correct algebra formulas and step-by-step solutions.

Yes. Symbolab has a straightforward user interface system: a pad with mathematical symbols and a formula box to input your question.

Symbolab algebra calculators also come with many pre-made formulas for specific problems. Above the formula box, you will find a list of the most used actions for common algebra problems. Clicking the drop-down list on the right side of the most used area will show different algebra functions that you can use.

Symbolab also has a 'Popular Problems' section that you can scroll through. You can click on any problem from this section to view and study the step-by-step solution.

Yes, you can use Symbolab algebra calculators to generate answers for algebra problems and to view the detailed steps of arriving at the answers. To get full access to complete solution steps, personalized practice problems, detailed progress reports, and other features, you need a paid Symbolab subscription.

Input your algebra problem into the field provided and choose the function you want the algebra calculator to perform. You can use the mathematical symbols pad to insert symbols that you cannot type out manually.

If you don't want to type out your problem, you can click the calculator icon to access the on-screen calculator pad.

Click the red Go button to compute the answer and then view the detailed steps to understand how the calculator solved the problem.

Yes. Symbolab utilizes SSL technology to protect its users. However, you should note that Symbolab collects and stores your information whenever you use its site and apps.

Symbolab uses your information to provide statistics for research purposes and pay third-party online payment processors. The company also uses your information to troubleshoot and analyze data to improve its services.

The Symbolab website uses cookies to recognize you and remember your history and preferences. Turning off cookies might disable some features and cause certain functions to stop working.

Yes. Symbolab has a free mobile app available on the App Store and Google Store.

The Symbolab mobile app allows you to access the scanner feature— open the app, point your camera at the problem, and snap a picture. Symbolab will instantly recognize the equation and provide you with a solution.

Note that you cannot access some free features on the desktop version of the mobile app unless you have a paid subscription.