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983 reviews is a website that provides an algebra calculator for solving math problems— Algebrator. Students struggling with their algebra homework can now get instant solutions to their math woes. Algebrator is a great tool that helps students master the basics of algebra and figure out how algebra concepts work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the Softmath Algebrator work?

Algebrator from Softmath is an online algebra tutor that helps students understand and solve algebra problems. The algebra calculator walks students through step-by-step solutions to problems, provides hints and explanations, and offers practice exercises and feedback.

An excellent tool for students who need extra help with algebra, Algebrator also functions as a review tool before tests or exams.

What features does the Softmath Algebrator offer?


The solve function lets you solve equations, inequalities, and systems. Using this feature, you can work out linear, quadratic, rational, radical equations, etc.


The simplify function allows you to reduce many algebraic expressions like polynomials, radicals, and rational numbers into their most basic forms. Algebrator uses the standard rules of introductory algebra to execute this function.


The graph function lets you produce a visual representation of given values. Algebrator has the option to construct operations into the standard form, but you can also choose the operation symbols you need.


This function allows you to find the factors of expressions or integers. It would be best if you simplified the algebraic expression before factoring.


This function gives you the option to expand terms. For example, you can remove grouping signs such as parentheses, brackets, and braces from numeric or algebraic terms with Algebrator.


Algebrator allows you to find the Greatest Common Factor of algebraic terms and integers in a few taps without doing it the long way.


The LCM function of the Algebrator allows you to find the smallest non-zero common multiple of two or more integers or algebraic expressions.

Does the Softmath Algebrator provide accurate answers?

Algebrator has mixed reviews when it comes to solving math problems. Complaints include the software's inability to solve text problems or provide answers to some algebra questions. Thus, it is best to double-check answers because some users complain that the software offers results different from those found in textbooks.

Is the Softmath Algebrator easy and reliable to use?

The intuitive Softmath Algebrator is reliable in offering tutorials and examples. Besides giving you answers to algebra problems, it also helps you figure out how to arrive at the solutions.

Does the Softmath Algebrator provide problem-solving exercises for users?

Algebrator provides examples for learning faster algebra quickly. The example problems offer adequate explanations of simplifiers, fractions, the basics of arithmetics, and many more.

Does the Softmath Algebrator offer tutorials?

Algebrator offers various tutorials. On the bottom left side of the website, you will find the Tutorial tab. You can learn to simplify basic expressions, fractions, rational expressions, rational equations, and more from the tutorials.

Can I download the Softmath Algebrator on any device?

You can download Algebrator free of charge on any Android and iPhone device. However, you must get the premium version to unlock all its features. You can also subscribe to the premium desktop version of Algebrator.

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