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Are you in need of an all-in-one calculator to help you with math? AIR MATH can solve virtually any equation. Its AI-integrated technology can quickly and accurately solve problems, from algebra to calculus. Just snap a photo of your equation and get answers instantly! AIR MATH is fast, simple, and free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AIR MATH's 24/7 Math Homework Helper & Solver is an AI-powered app that provides quick answers to your mathematical questions. You'll receive answers within three seconds with this simple and user-friendly app.

The app offers solutions for math topics like geometry, precalculus, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, differential equations, etc.

AIR MATH can solve both written and numerical questions. For example, if you have a word problem with multiple elements, AIR MATH can easily detect the mathematical question that needs to be answered and provides you with a solution.

You are provided 30-question tickets with this free app. However, you can earn more tickets by recommending AIR MATH to a friend and receive three additional daily tickets for each new user. To get started, have your friend sign up using your Invitation Code.

Installation is straightforward. To download the AIR MATH calculator, go to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device. Then, find the AIR MATH app, download it and start using it.

To answer a question with AIR MATH, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use your camera to snap a photo of the equation.

Step 2: Position your phone above the problem and align the equation with AIR MATH's on-screen guidelines.

The AI will then take over and provide a solution. You can also upload images from your photo library.

If you're still stuck or want a more in-depth explanation, AIR MATH provides users with in-app tutors. So, you'll have access to both the calculator and a live chat.

AIR MATH promises to connect you with a tutor in 10 minutes. The assigned tutor will walk you through the process and steps to solve the equation.

Sometimes a question may not register when you submit a photo. If this is the case, you can reach out to online tutors.

Because AIR MATH is AI-based, you can trust that the app's solutions are accurate. In addition, its responses are machine-learned and are constantly being upgraded and improved. 

AIR MATH only hires tutors who are certified experts and have passed strict screening, testing, and background checks. It constantly monitors answers, and users can also rate and review their experience.

If you feel the solution provided wasn't correct, you can resubmit a photo for rework.

You can download AIR MATH for Android and iOS mobile devices. However, for iOS users, AIR MATH is only compatible with versions 14.4 and up.