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Frequently Asked Questions on Ad Makers

Can I upload my own logo or photos to the advertisement maker?

Yes, you can upload your brand’s logo, photos, and other files essential for your ad copy. For example, you can use a banner ad maker to make an ad copy for your website; since this type of ad copy is image-based, uploading your images such as your brand’s logo would seem to be the right move.

Where can I find ideas for and inspiration for my advertisement design?

Above anyone else, writing an ad copy is the job of copywriters. Most copywriters draw inspiration from existing ad copy and thoroughly study each part of the whole copy. They don’t stick to the exact copy with the topic they’re trying to write about; instead, they study any sort of successful copy regardless of the niche and incorporate it into theirs.

Likewise, if this is your first time writing an ad copy, draw inspiration from the proven successful ad copy. It could be from a famous brand or just something ordinary that perhaps you encountered when surfing. Just make sure you don’t copy exactly as it is but only draw inspiration and understand the concept and style.

How long should I run an ad campaign?

An ad campaign refers to a series of advertisements that runs on one theme and has one goal. So, with a campaign ad maker, you can perform this campaign smoothly. Marketers advise running an ad from 6 weeks to 3 months duration. However, the final determinant still depends on what you advertise and where you promote them. 

How do you make a 30-second commercial?

As seen in the various advertising platforms, the ad’s duration goes around 30 seconds, especially on television. Every second counts in this type of situation, and you should make the most of each second and maximize everything. Further, here’s how you should make a 30-second commercial.

First, create an ad that quickly captures attention. This includes correct color combination along with catchy one-liner words. Second, convey a clear and direct to the point message. You only have 30 seconds to promote; use it well. Write a script out of it and use a mockup video. 

How do you make an ad for a school project?

Unlike commercial advertisements, school projects have little to zero budget. So, in-depth research is required to gather free resources without compromising the quality. For example, students can search for video ad maker software free download and use it to make an ad copy for a school project.

In terms of the content, students should remember that the fewer words, the better. Improvise a motto or a catchy phrase. Use colors, images, and other features found in the ad maker. Most importantly, students should enjoy the process of creating an ad.

What are the qualities of a good advertisement?

A good advertisement is relatable. Not everyone can relate to everything; of course, that’s why it’s essential to make your ad copy relatable to your target audience. Then it should be memorable. Meaning it connects with the audience hence holds people’s attention. A quality advertisement serves as the customers’ window to your brand.

What payment methods do ad maker websites accept?

Paypal is the most convenient way to pay for your subscription plan as it’s the commonly accepted method globally. However, most of the ad maker websites also accept debit cards, Mastercard, and credit cards. So, feel free to proceed to the payment option as most ad maker tools providers accept various payment methods nowadays.

Can I get my money back?

The cancellation process for each subscription in the ad maker websites vary. You can generally cancel your plan anytime, especially if the plan you’re using has no or is beyond the money-back guarantee period. If you need further assistance in refunding your money, you can always contact customer support.

How much do advertising professionals earn?

Advertisement professionals' salaries range from $38,331 to $228,268 a year. That includes the annual average wage of an advertisement manager, which is about $100,00 per year. In comparison, ad copywriters earn $90,000 on average annually. Salaries of these professionals vary and still depend mainly on their skills and experience.

How frequently should I use ads?

There is a so-called marketing term, “the seven times factor,” where it claims that the marketing starts to register in the customers’ awareness after seven times. Meaning, your customers need to see your brand’s advertisement seven times to be fully registered to themselves.

So, frequently using ads helps. Suppose you want to use social media for advertising your brand; in that case, it’s advised that 3-5 times per week work best without getting annoying to the audiences. Although you should have in mind the moment people surf, they have been exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. So, weigh things out to make sure your ads are seen and not annoying.

Why is TV still the most effective advertising medium?

Tv is still considered the unbeatable and number one platform for advertisement, even with the strong presence of digital marketing, specifically social media. TV is still the most effective advertising that causes action because most people stay home and watch TV. Also, most people have continuous access to TV rather than the internet.

What are the four classifications of advertising?

-Display advertising refers to digital banners that are found in or around the internet. From blog posts, search engines, websites, and more. These ads can be both images or short clip videos, or GIFs. You can create one using either the paid or free banner ad maker.

-Video Advertising pertains to short informational videos that are eye-catching, entertaining, and has great storytelling. These are often found in mainstream  media and social media. This is also proven to be the most effective kind of advertising. 

-Mobile Advertising is ads that are adjusted and optimized for mobile use. This kind of advertising is shown or will load in all mobile devices’ app, display, search, or social ads. As long as your audience’s mobile device is connected to the internet, they can see these ads.

-Native Advertising is the most tactful advertisement. Meaning, this ad is not annoying nor disruptive. Native advertising refers to direct advertising through blogs, videos, infographics, and as such. It could be applied with a print ad maker to produce a compelling promotional magazine for traditional marketing.

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