Best Ad Maker Apps in June 2022

Looking for an app that creates ads? Try these awesome ad makers, and you can now create ads on your mobile device! Store owners, marketers, and bloggers can easily make high-quality ads for their websites directly from their phones. Don't hesitate and create amazing ads today with these great apps!

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Banner Ads

Social Media Ads

Video Ads

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Canva logo


Truely score heart icon


4,211 reviews


per month, $49.88 billed annually


Flash,Static banners,Animated GIF

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest



15 logo
Truely score heart icon


3,363 reviews


per month


Animated GIF

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest



InVideo logo


Truely score heart icon


310 reviews


per month, $180.00 billed annually


Animated GIF

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram




Adobe logo
Truely score heart icon


5,909 reviews


per month


Flash,Static banners




Lumen5 logo


Truely score heart icon


255 reviews


per month, $132.00 billed annually

20 videos per month

Animated GIF

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram



Renderforest logo


Truely score heart icon


276 reviews


per month, $83.88 billed annually

7 videos per month

Animated GIF

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest




Figma logo


Truely score heart icon


2 reviews


per month, per editor


Animated GIF

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram




Vimeo logo


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2 reviews


per month, $84.00 billed annually


Animated GIF,Static banners,Flash

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram


Magisto logo


Truely score heart icon


58 reviews


per month, $59.88 billed annually


Animated GIF

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram




PicMonkey logo


Truely score heart icon


16 reviews


per month


Animated GIF,Flash,Static banners

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube



Frequently Asked Questions

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Are ad maker apps a great way to make money?

The typical way to earn money online is by using ad maker apps. These applications provide programmable ads on various platforms. It is essential to have some knowledge about digital marketing to create effective ad campaigns. These have also been an excellent way to create incredible videos and images to advertise their products and services.

Which app is the best for making ads?

There are a lot of ad maker apps available in the market. Choosing the best ad maker app will depend on the vision and desired outcome, and preferences. Each has different features that suit the user’s needs. Choose an ad maker app that will help create an ad with good quality.

Can one use ad maker apps for digital advertising?

Yes. The world markets are now moving towards digital ways of advertising via the web, so one needs to have both traditional and digital advertising. Ad maker apps are great for digital advertising and easy to use since they work across all platforms. It also allows anyone to create and publish ads within minutes. It also does not require any knowledge.

Are ad maker apps free?

Not all ad maker apps are free. Some are free to try, which means users get a free trial period to use the product. If one continues using beyond the trial period, one has to buy a paid version. Some offer in-app purchases to get unlimited access to the app’s other features.

Can users create a video campaign in the ad maker apps?

Yes, one can create a video campaign in the ad maker apps. It has video templates that users can easily edit to create video ads. Write down the script, shoot the video, upload it into the ad maker app, write down keywords, and the video is good to go.

Why do users need ad maker apps?

Making ads is always a time-consuming job, but one can create one in seconds with ad maker apps. These are handy tools for those who want to make a professional ad in a short time with a low budget. These apps are also user-friendly and easy to use. Anyone will be able to use an ad maker app, even if they are not tech-savvy.

What kinds of advertisement production can ad maker apps be used for?

These online tools are useful for advertisement productions, namely newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet, social media, blogs, campaigns, etc. These are some ways users can promote business and make products or services well visible and attract as many customers as possible.

What are the most common mistakes when making ads?
Targeting wrong customers

The majority of small businesses advertise on social media platforms. Unfortunately, social media advertising may direct ads to the incorrect target market, making it ineffective marketing. Show the ad campaign to audiences who have no interest in the product instead of focusing on the target audience.

Setting unrealistic marketing goals

It is crucial to outline short, medium, and long-term objectives. Most small business owners make this advertising mistake by setting unrealistic targets or overestimating the potential of the internet realm. Operating without a goal or with unrealistic ones are recipes for failure.

Focusing investment on paid ads

Most digital marketers mistake focusing on paid advertisements, leaving no funds available for other feasible and productive campaign marketing techniques. Avoid making this error because it is necessary to invest in various digital marketing methods to establish a brand's online presence.

Minimizing campaign budget

In digital marketing, finances are crucial. It's no secret that paying for Google advertisements or social media marketing or even employing a social media assistant is essential to a campaign strategy. Limiting the marketing campaign budget is a bad idea; otherwise, one may have trouble marketing the product or brand.

Ignoring competitors

The brand advertising of competitors significantly influences the success of digital advertising. Avoid ignoring competitors. There will always be a competing brand. Thus one must know how the competitor markets their products or services to keep up with the competition.

Are templates already available in the ad maker apps?

Yes. Ad maker apps give freedom to create content with all sorts of customized templates. Fortunately, templates are innovative, so users don't have to struggle with heavy work. These are also available in almost all ad maker apps. There are templates available for different ads such as image ads, text ads, and text box ads.

What are the advantages of ad maker apps?

Ad maker apps are a great way to showcase a company's creativity. With the help of these ad-making apps, one can change the background, colors and even add a business logo. It has a multitude of templates to choose from, and they are effortless to use. One can get started with this app in just a matter of minutes.

What are the things to look out for when using ad maker apps?

One of the downfalls of ad maker apps is that users can’t see responses to the ads. One won’t know if people use the coupons, download free apps, enter sweepstakes, or use freebies. Please pay close attention to the app’s features that will help one make an ad according to the desired output.

What do users need to consider before choosing ad maker apps?

Many ad maker apps help businesses build web traffic or create an extensive online customer database. Make sure that the app will help make suitable quality ads. Also, it must not require users to have broad knowledge about making ads. It helps save time and lessens the hassle.

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