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Vectary is one of the best 3D design software that is accessible to all 3D designers who wish to create an augmented reality that their brilliant minds could offer. Vectary offers only the highest qualities to you when it comes to doing 3D modeling, which can help you bring your visionaries to life just with this design platform.

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  • Cloud-Based Software

  • 3D Modeling

  • 2D Modeling

  • Codeblocks

  • Collaborative Features

  • Sharing Functions

  • Pre-Rendered Typography

  • Pre-Rendered Web Headers

  • Pre-Rendered Designs

  • 3D Printer Support

  • Print Bed Orientation

  • Convert-to-Solid Feature

  • 3D Printing Delivery Service

  • Sculpting Tools for Volumes

  • Automatic Surface Alignments

  • Mesh Repair

  • Engraving Tools

  • Electronic Assembly Simulations

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Online Cloud Storage

  • No Watermark Outputs

  • Web Access

  • Free Software

  • Free Trial Period

  • Project Management Integrations

  • Video Tutorials

  • How-To Articles

  • Forum Support

  • Email Support

  • Live Chat Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vectary is an accessible 3D and augmented design software where you can create, collaborate, and render. You won’t need to download this hassle-free 3D design software because your projects are all available in the browser. You can also access their templates, 3D models, and advanced materials through their website. Utilizing Vectary can differ from a 3D interior design software down to a 3D landscape design software. It all varies with how you, as a user and a 3D designer, will use Vectary to create your very own 3D designs using the features that Vectary has to offer.

The online 3D design tool Vectary runs in a regular WebGL-enabled browser such as Chrome or Firefox on a laptop or desktop computer. You don’t need to install anything. It is also recommended that you use a mouse for your convenience.

To start 3D modeling, you must first set up your Vectary account as it is necessary. You can easily sign up for a Vectary account with your own email address and password, or if you wish to have a linked account, you can also use your Google or even Facebook accounts to sign up.

Unlike all other complicated 3D design software out there, Vectary is pretty easy to use! All you need is an internet connection on your laptop or desktop computer. You do not need to have previous 3D skills. Vectary has a simple user interface that will make you understand how to use all the features without complicating everything! You may look at Vectary’s learn articles to help you get started!

Vectary is an online 3D design tool, converter, and publishing platform for AR and e-commerce websites. Even if you are only looking to create something practical, like using some 3D house design software, Vectary aids you still to your utmost convenience. With Vectary, you can brainstorm, edit some already existing 3D assets that were given to you, or even create complex objects from scratch if needed. If you are done, you can render, export, or publish your projects for other applications or for you to embed on your website.

If you happen to be a student who aspires to make your ideas manifest into something far greater by using some free 3D architectural design software, then yes, of course, you can use it! Vectary is, after all, completely ideal for those who would like to learn 3D design.

All of the projects and edits are saved and associated with a designer, like you. Creating an account is necessary. You cannot become a user and cannot use the services that Vectary has to offer without it. Another advantage of having an account is the designer’s safety.

Your account information such as your email address is only visible to you. Only the nickname you chose, your published projects, and the information you chose to publish and put to the public in your account settings are the only visible information to your fellow users.

If you have created projects like 3d home design within the software, those projects you have published will be deleted once you delete your account. However, if your public project has been customized by other users already, then their customized versions will not be deleted.

Yes. All of the projects that you and your fellow users create have to be following Vectary’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Publishing content that is abusive, vulgar, sexually explicit, promoting racism, illegal activities, contributes to the creation of weapons, or is otherwise objectionable is NOT allowed. Your published content should not also infringe upon copyrights or any other third-party rights. Simply put, create content ethically, carefully, and honestly. Remember that since you are a user of this software, abiding by their rules is common courtesy.

Yes, most of the features are for free, so that everyone can learn and try to use Vectary. However, some advanced features such as export, WebAR viewer, premium mockups in plugins, or rendering without watermarks are all part of the paid plans.