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Sweet Home 3D is a free software that makes it easy to draw the plan of your house, add some furniture and/or appliances and see a virtual presentation. It also allows you to create an exterior view with the help of predefined shapes (windows, doors, railings etc.) or imported images.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sweet Home 3D is a free architectural design program that allows users to build a 2D house plan with a 3D preview, as well as beautify exterior and interior views, including the option to add furniture and appliances. Furniture may be imported and placed in Sweet Home 3D to create a virtual setting.

    Sweet Home 3D's 3D models and textures as they appear in the GNU GPL version, including all of the models listed on the free models page, as well as the two texture libraries specified on the textures import page. These extra 3D models and textures are placed as resources in that version's Sweet Home 3D installation folder.

    Sweet Home 3D may be downloaded and used for free, for personal or business use, thanks to the services offered by and eTeks, under the provisions of the GNU General Public License. However, if you wish to financially support the Sweet Home 3D project Sweet Home 3D is also available for purchase on the Microsoft Store or Amazon, and on the Mac App Store for Mac OS X 11.

    Sweet Home 3D is compatible with Windows 98 through Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.4 through macOS 11, Linux, and Solaris. Your computer should have at least a 400 MHz CPU, 256 MB of RAM, and a graphic card with the latest driver. Note that the offline installation for Sweet Home 3D does not work with Windows 98.

    Sweet Home 3D can't consume as much RAM as your computer can on its own, but you may adjust the program's maximum memory use if necessary. The Java Web Start version, by default, requires 640 MB or 2 GB at most, depending on your machine, whereas the installation version uses 1 GB or 2 GB at most.

    A 3D model may only be imported into the Mac App Store version if it's saved in a ZIP archive or if it's a KMZ file, according to Apple's security requirements. If you build or download a 3D model in the OBJ, DAE, or 3DS format, you must first store the model's file(s) in a ZIP package, which you can then import into Sweet Home 3D.

    All of the items of furniture you use in your house are stored in the corresponding SH3D file, whether they came from the default catalog or were imported. As a result, you may transfer and open an SH3D file on any other computer, regardless of operating system.

    When Sweet Home 3D checks if computing offscreen 3D pictures is supported by Java 3D on your computer, this problem occurs mainly on a few Linux machines. This function is needed to calculate the plan's top view, print the 3D view, and handle the two lowest picture and video quality levels.

    To begin, make sure you're using Sweet Home 3D version 4.5, which has enhanced 3DS format compatibility. However, it's still conceivable that a few models were improperly imported with that version. Try using FBX Converter to convert non-working 3DS files to OBJ files, first converting 3DS files to FBX files, then converting produced FBX files to OBJ files.

    Yes, starting with version 1.6. You may either directly import the 3D model file or a ZIP file including the 3D model file and its texture files. Note that once imported, a 3D model file and any associated files (MTL file, texture image files, etc.) are transferred to Sweet Home 3D's private folders, allowing you to relocate or remove them.