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Optitex is a digital innovation company, specializing in 2D design and 3D visualization platforms that span the whole supply chain. We streamline workflows and reduce time to market with a tailored business solution for every industry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Optitex different?

Optitex is one of the best 3D design software out there because of its features namely, Optitex offers real-time validation and customization of 3D garments in Adobe Illustrator. It also Utilize the fine-tuning capabilities of Adobe Illustrator to create stylish garments with complex prints.

What is Optitex?

Optitex specializes in digital innovation and can handle everything from design to production. Our cutting-edge software solutions include 2D design and 3D visualization platforms that span the whole supply chain, streamline workflows, and reduce time to market.

Can users open other CAD system files in Optitex?

Direct converters from Lectra MDL files, Gerber Zip files, and Investronica EXP files are available from Optitex. These CAD files can be converted to Optitex files or imported into Optitex. Most CAD programs may export their styles as DXF or AAMA files, which can then be loaded into Optitex.

Is Optitex easy to use for beginners?

Customers can access documentation, release notes, and connections to useful information at the Optitex Help Center to learn how to utilize Optitex products such as PDS, 3D, Marker, and CutPlan. Users can now utilize Optitex with relative ease after reviewing the files provided by the Optitex Help Center.

What are the system requirements for Optitex to run?

Optitex is compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 and Mac OS X. Your computer should have at least a i5 6 cores CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a GTX 980 or above with the latest driver. Optitex’s cloud storage is accessible via Mozilla firefox or Google Chrome browsers only.

After exporting a piece, Optitex’ 3D design incorrectly colors a file after a refresh. What can the user do with this?

After a refresh, certain exported elements in 3D Design for Illustrator are not colored appropriately. This can be avoided by avoiding changing the locations of the components in 2D (for example, rotating and flipping) after the simulation has been completed in PDS.

Does Optitex have a fabric management overview in their 3D design software?

Yes, Optitex has one, Optitex believes that fabric is as important as designing the actual clothes. The fabric should be taken into account when using CAD tools to design clothes or other textile goods. The availability of fabric definition as an intrinsic component of a product design allows you to realistically mimic product behavior under a variety of conditions.

Does Optitex’ 3D design software have a feature of photorealism to apply on its design?

The Optitex 3D Creator lets you design photorealistic 3D clothes that can be fitted to a variety of models. You can use the Optitex 3D Creator to convert your flat patterns from PDS to 3D samples. The Optitex 3D Creator is an obvious complement to PDS (Pattern Design System). The foundation for creating 3D material is a comprehensive database of real-world patterns.

Can users import their design patterns to Optitex and use it in its user-friendly environment?

The Optitex PDS (Pattern Design Software) is a user-friendly integrated CAD tool that allows you to design and implement patterns. You can import patterns from other CAD systems, develop your own patterns, edit patterns with editing tools, add grading, and more with the PDS.

Can users mark their patterns in Optitex like how they mark it on its physical form?

When your design is complete, you can use the Optitex Marker to create nested marker layouts with the least amount of waste material possible. The Optitex Marker is designed to help you get the most out of your materials while saving money on labor. You can see how all of your parts are laid out on the table with the Optitex Marker, and you may move them about to save fabric, space, time, and money.

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